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Lately, it seems like a ton of time is spent at home to stay safe and healthy. However, no one likes feeling stuck at home so in turn, a lot of time at home has driven people to become more creative with what activities they do to spend their time with their family. A yummy, fun, and memorable thing you can do with the family is to try a new recipe. Now, we don’t mean any recipe; we suggest a potato doughnut recipe. Did I say potato doughnuts? I know, at first thought, potatoes may not seem like the thing you make doughnuts with, but they are perfect for that deliciously desired desert.

Potato doughnuts are sweet, made with either mashed potatoes or potato starch instead of flour, like most other doughnut doughs are made with. Potato doughnuts tend to be lighter than flour doughnuts but are still prepared similarly as other doughnuts. We suggest that you try buying a delicious batter from Potadonuts. The Potadonuts company is owned and operated by Doug Bagley, who has gone to great lengths to create the perfect Potadonut mix. He is a passionate doughnut lover and makes a mean glazed Potadonut. His mix has been satisfying donut lovers for many years and soon to be your household. Their batter is filled with so much quality and incredible taste for the whole family to enjoy. You can treat yourself and those you know with warm, glazed potato doughnuts from this newest activity. You won’t be disappointed with the classic taste of Potadonuts.

Their perfectly blended recipes result from countless years of testing, creating, and striving to make the best potato doughnut around. Potadonuts are crafted from a recipe lovingly and have been perfected over decades, in conjunction with the pastry industry’s finest minds. The best part about potato doughnuts is that the mix can be used for pancakes, waffles, German pancakes, crepes, and more! To get you started on your newest family activity to create the perfect potato doughnut, here is a list of what you will need to create a delicious memory.

For the donuts

Warm water (100 – 110 degrees)

Dry instant yeast


Potadonut Mix

Extra Potadonut mix as needed

Parchment paper or waxed paper

For the glaze:

Powdered sugar

Hot water

Vanilla extract

Visit to get the full recipe and create these desserts that will leave you, your family, and even your friends, craving more.

Potadonuts is the perfect online shop to get delicious potato doughnut mix for your next family cooking activity. The mix is light and fluffy and has been many doughnut lovers favorite for years.


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