What Goes Into A Perfect Dining Experience?

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From local family owned restaurants, to the Savoy Grill in London – every venue strives to deliver the perfect dining experience. But what exactly goes into creating such a sought after ambience?

Of the over 120,000; every bistro, restaurant, café and bar & grill in the UK is unique from one another. Though, the establishments which operate successfully in their local area are always those that strive for perfection in what they deliver. 

This could be that they are aiming at creating the greatest and most memorable type of atmosphere within their dining rooms, or that they are looking to have menus full of haute cuisine which will leave a long lasting positive impression on any food critic. All of these such successful eateries have poured time, effort and devotion into honing their dining experience.

So, as a family-owned restaurant with years of experience in providing one of the most amazing dining experiences to our patrons – we have decided to offer a glance behind the scenes as to what actually goes into the perfect dining experience!

God Is In The Detail, Always! 

An age old saying that stresses how attention to the minor details will often bring about the greatest of rewards. Bringing about an idyllic atmosphere for your guests is crucial for them to fully appreciate the experience which the restaurant is offering.

The lighting which is used to bring a soothing atmosphere to your dining room. Often one of the first places any seasoned restaurant owner will look to elevate the ambience for his/her diners. Using soft lighting or mood lighting with small tealight candles placed on diner’s tables are common tactics that can be used to great effect.

Subtle details are all too important in other aspects as well! Having front of house staff in black and/or white will help them blend in more effectively and don’t disrupt the background effects of the lighting, artwork and décor that has been put together.

All of these micro-elements will require due thought and careful attention. Meticulously plan everything which you yourself would notice as a restauranter. Giving yourself the outside look into where your main strengths and weaknesses lie in great detail will assure you build a memorable and happy experience for guests

Unsurpassable Service Enables Extraordinary Guest Experiences

A patron’s journey from the front door to their table and then back again at the end of their sitting should be something else which is meticulously planned. Having guests be greeted with a positive attitude is the first place to look. Having them then escorted to their table rather than them being shown where they will be dining is a better option.

Going above and beyond the expected and normal here is the best way in which services can be received with excellence from your guests. Again subtle, but cleaning the table between courses, has a positive subliminal effect on your customers on a scale which cannot be stated. Especially if they’re not used to such practice being commonplace. 

Every element of the service which customers received must run in perfect order. There can be no room here for allowing the standard to slip and for any whiff of chaos to ensue in the eyes of the guests. Portraying the impression that everything which is happening should be at all times is no mean feat, but by far, this is pivotal to ensuring guests interpret their dining experience as perfected. 

Sourcing The Best Produce For Every Meal

Perhaps yourself, or the main proportion of your clientele would not taste the difference between locally sourced ingredients and that of a chain supplier. However, any experienced food critic or food & leisure journalist certainly will. These are the people whom it is most important you leave the best impression on, they can seriously make or break the reputation of your restaurant – so do everything necessary to live up to their expectations. 

These people, however, are not the only reasons to consider sourcing the best available local produce. No, all too often restaurant owners neglect the power such food items have as a Unique Selling Point (USP) for their business. Every town and city throughout the United Kingdom can be seen awash with chain restaurants and gastropubs. But none of these such establishments can boast of food quality that far surpasses another. Utilising the quality of your ingredients (and if they’re locally sourced that’s even better) can elevate the restaurant’s marketing to another level. 

Such USPs are far more sought after than common assumptions on public behaviour may have us believe. People crave that luxury and feeling of decadence when dining somewhere which gives them a perceived elevation in social status. Or, to coin an overused phrase; the fear of missing out. 

Finally, Spreading The Word

We’ve mentioned briefly above around the importance of specific USPs and how they will help implore more local people to immerse themselves within your perfected dining experience. However, there are many such ways in which you can help increase the awareness of just exactly the level of excellence you’re striving to offer.

Consider this, you’ve put together an immensely well thought out and attractive menu. Your chef, whoever they are, will be confident of how their well prepared dish can satisfy any customer that enters the premises. Although, the key here is that one well prepared dish serves one person – but a well photographed culinary delight can excite the taste buds of thousands if they are exposed to it!

Utilise places such as a website, social media, newspaper ads, and even the menus themselves to show just what quality patrons can expect from your establishment! These places are where your ideal people are looking when it comes to selecting their new favourite eatery. So use them!

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