We know the easy way to always have crispy and golden chicken pieces

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If the answer to the question: what do you want to serve your guests in your restaurant?, you answer: crispy chicken in a golden coating, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find practical tips and practical suggestions. Thanks to them you will prepare chicken, which will permanently enter the menu of your restaurant. We will tell you: which breading to give the chicken the desired crispiness; whether the breading methods affect the juiciness of the meat; where to look for advice when our dish is far from perfect. Here are the 7 most important rules for preparing golden pieces of chicken.

Chicken breading mix – rule number 1: go for a professional solution – the number one breading mix on the market

The breading chicken is indeed an essential ingredient when you want to prepare American-style chicken. You can prepare the breading mix for fried chicken yourself or buy a ready-made one, but if you want to prepare a chicken with a crispy texture and characteristic flakes in the  breading, go for a ready-made chicken breading mix.

So which coating to use? Definitely the one dedicated to gastronomy. The coating by Holly Powder is perfect for this purpose. This product will certainly meet your expectations. Chicken breaded in this mix surprises with deliciously golden color and appetizing crispness. The coating adheres perfectly to the meat and the coating process is extremely easy. You just need to know a few rules.

Temperature – rule no. 2: keep the temperature of the meat low from the moment of delivery to the coating.

Properly cooled meat is not only safe to eat but also guarantees an appetizing color and quality of the product. Low temperature both limits the growth of bacteria and affects the appearance of the product. Storing meat at too high a temperature will lead to discoloration of the meat. Too low – will result in a grey color and black bone near the wing. So what temperature should meat be kept at to make it bright and free of pink spots? 0 to maximum 4 degrees Celsius during storage, marinating and coating.

Marinating – rule number 3: use a professional marinating mix

Ready chicken breading mix is one thing, marinade another. Holly Powder has created a marinade and coating mix that can be used to create perfectly crispy breaded chicken.  . Marinating the meat in this mixture provides it with the right flavour, spiciness and aroma, reproducible every time. Preparation of the marinade is very simple. Just keep in mind a few basic rules, such as the use of ice in the coating process. It allows to maintain the right temperature of meat during the marinating process.

Massage – rule number 4: massage the meat properly to make it juicy and aromatic

In order to obtain tasty, aromatic and juicy meat, it is necessary to apply Holly Powder marinade, which thanks to its properties completely penetrates the meat structure. Massaging the meat is an extremely important element of this stage. Despite the short time of massaging the meat – no longer than 10 minutes – the effects will be visible: fried chicken will be extremely juicy and its coating will be perfectly frayed.

Coating for chicken and coating – rule number 5: make sure to coat according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Coating with Holly Powder is extremely simple although it requires following the manufacturer’s scheme. It is easy to precisely define the type and number of moves to be made during this process. In gastronomy repeatability counts. Breading according to the instructions you can be sure that the effect will be the same every time. 

So what is worth remembering? The CPT rule (collect-press-toss) and CT rule (collect-toss) and the appropriate number of repetitions. The manufacturer provides advice and support – on the web you can find professional instructional videos, which in a simple and clear way explain how to prepare, step by step, deliciously crispy pieces of chicken in a golden coating.

Frying – rule number 6: fry the meat immediately after coating

The breaded chicken pieces should be placed in the frying pan immediately after coating. The right temperature for frying chicken is 170 degrees Celsius. Meat can be fried in professional fryers (open and pressure fryers) as well as in deep fryers. It is worth remembering that three separate devices should be used for frying French fries, chicken, and fish.

Expert advice – rule number 7: get expert help

No matter whether you run a restaurant or have just started your own fast-food business, if you are thinking of serving appetising breaded chicken, you should take advantage of the offer prepared for you by Holly Powder.

The manufacturer of this highly regarded chicken coating offers not only professional foodservice products, but also marketing support and professional assistance. It is extremely helpful – to be able to contact a specialist who will advise, answer questions, give tips. The company offers training, as well as presentations of the product at the headquarters, during which you can thoroughly get to know and check the product. Preparing strips and wings in golden breadcrumbs taking into account the practical advice of professionals – this is a principle that is certainly worth applying. It will help you avoid mistakes and allow you to achieve a satisfying effect in less time. It will make the aromatic chicken dish will appear on the menu of your restaurant faster than you thought.

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