Tips On How To Choose The Best Nespresso Machine 

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A perfect word that can be used to describe the Nespresso machine is convenience. You can also expect great quality and ease of use. You can experience the delicious espresso that your favorite café offers without all the preparations and the skills of a barista. However, with a wide range of coffee machines available in different sizes and designs, making a choice can be pretty overwhelming. 

How to choose the best Nespresso machine model

There is no single coffee machine that will suit all the requirements of a user. To make the best choice, the three most important considerations are price, features, and aesthetics. 

  • Price – There are espresso machines that cost between €100 and €600. However, you need to buy cups that are compatible with the coffee machine. The price of cups ranges from €0.50 to €1.20 per serving depending on the type of cups. 
  • Espresso machines also require additional accessories like the Aerocinno milk frother for lattes. 
  • Features – Coffee machines have different basic functions and bonus features. There are some machines that heat faster to allow more serving options. There are models that include a steam pipe for frothing milk while others have an integrated frother. There are also intelligent coffee machines that can recognize the best setting for every capsule. 
  • Pixie includes a sensor that will tell you when the water reservoir is almost empty. This is a bonus that some models do not have. This model is the best option for small kitchens because it is compact and lightweight. 
  • Prodigio has smartphone compatibility so that you can schedule the first cup while you are still in bed. Nothing beats waking up to the fresh smell of coffee. The Prodigio automatically removes cups for recycling. This is the best choice for people who cannot be separated from their phones. 
  • Includes an onboard frothing system to consistently produce barista quality coffee. Every feature is programmable from automatic drip stop to the electronic de-scaling notification system for maintenance. However, it needs a kitchen with adequate counter space. 
  • Style & design – Aesthetics must not be the only reason for a decision but for some people they want the coffee machine to blend with the design of the kitchen. Each machine has its own style and design but the other one has the capability to steam and froth milk while the other one is compact in size to fit in a small kitchen. 

Not all Nespresso machines are expensive. It depends on the model and the number of additional features. In order to make an informed decision, read various product descriptions, what each model offers, how much it costs and whether it includes all the bells and whistles you desire. You can start with the most affordable and buy the extra accessories later on.

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