Tips For Choosing the Right Firewood Supplier

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You can follow a few tips to choose the right firewood supplier. The cheapest firewood is not necessarily the best deal. You may end up spending more for the perfect wood. If you’re unsure where to get your wood, ask people you know who burn wood. Alternatively, you can do some research online. 

Size of wood pieces

The first question you may have when choosing a firewood supplier is the size of the wood pieces. While the wood pieces can vary significantly in size, some standard measurements should be followed when selecting a firewood supplier. For example, a cord of firewood is approximately 128 cubic feet and should be stacked four feet high by eight feet long. Small portions are available, and these are referred to as face cords. The standard face cord is about 1/3 of a cord, measures four feet high by eight feet long, and is usually stacked one wood piece deep.

When choosing a firewood supplier, look for a company that sells a full cord. This means that your quoted price is based on a full cord of firewood. A cord contains four by eight feet-sized logs. It has a volume of one hundred and eight cubic feet. A cord of firewood is the ideal size for a fire, and one that matches your needs is best.

Moisture content

Low moisture content is key to a successful fire, so when buying firewood, check the moisture content. Firewood sold in smaller quantities must have a minimum moisture content of 20%. Anything over this will be rejected. Kiln-dried wood will be added to the firewood, but only slowly, so its moisture content will be lower than 20 percent. Kiln drying is also cheaper than air-drying, reducing the amount of steam produced and wood consumption.

You can also mix old or kiln-dried wood with regular firewood to increase its moisture content. However, you should not mix old wood with freshly cut firewood, as this will raise the moisture content and cause the firewood to burn unevenly. To prevent this, buy only firewood that has a low moisture content. 


Before you buy firewood, you must know the exact weight of the wood you intend to purchase. Many retailers will tell you the weight of each load, but this is difficult to determine because lorry sizes vary so much. Some suppliers even offer a bulk service that includes delivery to your home. Whether you opt for this or a bulk service, the weight of the wood is an important consideration. A vendor must provide an invoice containing the wood’s exact weight.


There are several factors to consider when choosing a firewood supplier. Availability is essential because of the different ways in which the wood is used. Some people have access to firewood from their own yards, but others don’t. A firewood supplier should be able to provide firewood in a timely fashion. Availability is also crucial in determining the quality of the firewood you get. For instance, choosing the right firewood supplier for your needs can make the difference between a good experience and a bad one.

To select a good firewood supplier, you need to consider its availability. You can buy wood logs in bulk if you have the right location. Ensure the wood you purchase is seasoned and stored in a safe environment to ensure it will burn well. 

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