The Types Of Wine In Vietnam

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Fermented grape juice is used to make alcoholic beverages called wine. Wine can be technically made out of any fruit. Apples, plums, cranberries are used to make wines as well. Regardless, if the label of the wine bottle says “wine,” it means the wine is made of only fermented grapes. 

There are two different types of grapes, table grapes, and wine grapes. Wine grapes are sweeter, have more seeds, and are smaller in size. If you are looking for knowledge on the kinds of wines in Vietnam, this is the perfect place for you. 

Can Wine

Can wine be famous for the way it is served and made? Can wine get its’ name from Vietnamese people as they use a small straw of bamboo to consume from the jars? Can wine be one of the most famous wines in Vietnam? The minorities also drink this wine in highlands and a few other places in Vietnam.

Materials like sweet potato, tapioca, and cassava with wild herbs are fermented together for days in a pottery jar. Can wine tastes totally different from any wine or rice alcohol. This wine is extremely strong and can lead you to feel dizzy. It tastes sweet and will definitely make you drunk – a slow and sweet drunk. Getting drunk on can wine does not have any known consequences. 

Can wine be served in such a way that reflects the unity of the community and hospitality of the people of Vietnam? This wine is served to guests on special occasions and ceremonies. This is when the spirit container is fixed in the middle of a yard or house. 

After that, both the guest and the host sit around it, and freshwater slowly seeps out from a buffalo horn through a tiny hole. Then the village master sips the wine through any one stem dipped in the jar. Sometimes the village master offers the bamboo straw to the honorable guest. The rest of the people later drink the wine when they feel like it, turn wise. 

Everybody offers the straws to one another to show their respect and willingness. The container never goes dry as it needs to be filled with water and the ladies do this. 

Snake Wine

Snake wine is an alcoholic beverage found in the area close to Hanoi in a village called the Snake Village. It is also found in all major cities in Vietnam and different countries all across South East Asia. The snakes used to make snake wine are dipped in rice wine using special bottles of glass and sealed away, and stored in cellars for a period of five years. 

This wine in Vietnam has tonics of high quality that are needed for the human body. Some qualities of drinking this wine are that it improves one’s appetite, moisturizes the skin, and strengthens tendons, muscles and bones. It is also a huge help in treating rheumatism, migraine headaches, and neurasthenia. Both the sexes can see consume it, as well as pregnant women, all around the year. 

There are several benefits to these wines mentioned above. You should definitely try them out if you have ailments like rheumatism, migraine headaches, and neurasthenia.


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