The perfect duo of summertime cigar and cool drinks

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The perfect duo of summertime cigar and cool drinks

A mundane routine is something that can drain all your energy. And if it is combined with the scorching heat of summer then nothing can be worse than this. But this does not mean you cannot undo all the frustration and tension. Taking some time out in such situations to relax is all that you need. This is the best therapy!

As fitness is a real pleasure for some people who love cigars know that having them in the evening by the pool is not less than a treat. Especially when you take your cigar along with a drink. Different people prefer different kinds of drinks with their cigars to detox themselves from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Those who love coffee, tea, and other hot beverages take it with them. This pair is good, and there is no doubt about it.

Fun Fact: But have you tried pairing your cigar with a cool drink near a pool. If you have not done that yet then you are missing something big, pal! However, it is never too late to try something new and exciting. This article will introduce you to some of the very exciting drinks that you can pair with your cigar. These combinations (of cigars and drinks) will make your relaxing time fun. These pairs will also boost your mood for sure. So, without any delay let us start our adventurous read!

Best Cigar and Drink pairs

We are so glad that you have made it through this far. Below we have discussed some perfect cigar-drink duos for you.

  1. Traditional Pina Colada and Cigara:

Does reading the word Pina Colada create an image in your mind in which you have a swing tied between two palm trees and you are enjoying your drink in the summer. Well, what can be better than that? But this does not mean that if we do not have palm trees then we cannot have Pina Colada.

Pina Colada, pool, and cigar are the vibe and no one can match this. This sweet tropical cool drink will wash out all your tension. This drink is made with all the healthy and classic ingredients, and that is why this is the most classic drink of summer.

Pina Colada and Cigara
Credit: Pexels

You can use the following pairs of this duo:

  • A mild cigar and sweet fruit Pina Colada
  • A mild cigar and dark nutty drink
  • A strong cigar with creamy Pina Colada
  • A strong cigar with a chilled drink made up of frozen fruits

Fun Tip: this is going to be your new favorite combination as you cannot undo the experience!

  1. All-time Favorite Margarita and cigar:

Who does not know the magic of margarita? This traditional cocktail is magical and it pairs perfectly with everything. Margarita has no limitations so don’t try to limit its use with cigars. Many famous cigar users love this combination. Soon you will do too! This combination is the best as it is highly refreshing and easy to make too.

Favorite Margarita and cigar
Credit: Pexels

Cigar and ice-chilled mint margarita having a little amount of Tequilla will send waves of freshness in your body. Moreover, making this drink is less time-consuming and a little number of ingredients are required. So you can make it easily at home in a large quantity too. Hence, you can have it with your friends as well when you are having a summer pool party.

Pro Tip: Medium-bodied smoke and tangy margarita is a heavenly combination.

  1. The old school drink and cigar:

You all have heard the phrase, ‘old is gold’. Well, in the case of liquor this proverb is hundred percent true. A classic liquor having a bitter taste along with a mild to strong cigar (depending upon choice) never gets old. An orange peel and ice would work as a cherry on the top.

old drink and cigar
Credit: Pexels

This pair is especially important for those who prefer strong cigars and have a habit of having liquor to relax. Also, it is a wonderful pair to serve on important semi-formal meetings.

  1. An amalgam of Whisky and cigar:

An amalgam of old and new is always exciting, isn’t it? A classic bourbon whiskey cocktail and the newly styled cigar are something you will never forget. This is a very spicy option.

An amalgam of Whisky and cigar
Credit: Pexels

Some fans of this duo say that they prefer it even in the winters as well. It seems like this pairing is greater than hot drink and cigar duo.

  1. Gin and Tonic and cigar:

What do you like both the creaminess of the smoke of cigars or the taste of cocktails? Or do you want to preserve both? Well if later is the case then you need something which will suit each other’s tastes. A bottle of sweet dessert wine and a cigar is something you need in this case.

Hence, gin and tonic with a pinch of vodka and a strong cigar is a very interesting combination. Drinking citrus fruits will play a very good role. The specialty of this drink is that it is a life savior option for those who do not want wine or something hot. It will compensate for the need for the liquor too. Additionally, it is the smoothest drink to have with your cigar.

Gin and Tonic and cigar
Credit: Pexels

You can change the bitterness and tanginess of the drink according to your cigar. It will be an example of a mutualistic relationship in cigar-drink pair:

  • If your cigar is strong then your drink must be mild and less tangy to complement each other
  • On the flip side, if you like a mild cigar then you must have citrus and a tangy drink. This way they will complement each other.

Final verdict

So, you have completed your read. You must be thinking of giving it a try, and we think you should. Summertime and a hectic routine are something that does not go along with each other. Changing the style of your drinks from hot chocolates, coffee, and tea to these fresh cocktails will make your relaxing time wonderful. You just have to give it a try and then you’ll enter the magic world of these duos!

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