Easiest Appetizers for Fuss-Free Entertaining

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Given the events of the past year, none of us will ever take for granted the opportunity to gather together with friends and family. One of the greatest gifts to come out of our shared experience is the ability to focus on the things that are truly important, and one of those things is gathering. It’s not the decorations, the venue, the food, or the entertainment that make an event memorable; it’s the people. 

If you’re ready to start entertaining again and you want to enjoy connections rather than fuss about food, here are some easy appetizer ideas that will delight your guests without demanding all of your time and attention.

Mozzarella Sticks

Who doesn’t love a mozzarella cheese stick? They’re crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside; perfection in every bite. You can find delicious ready-made options in the freezer case at your local grocery, so these apps take virtually zero preparation. Best of all, you can add your favorite dipping sauces to customize them to your event. Marinara sauce is, of course, the obvious choice. But your options don’t end there. Try them with a zesty Asian sauce, a sweet BBQ sauce, or another favorite. They’re versatile, easy, and loved by all. 

Warm Dips

We love serving a super savory warm dip at parties. Sure, crackers and cheese will always work, but a warm dip elevates that concept without increasing the work. You’ve got lots of choices, but we like a hot pizza dip, a cheesy crab dip, an elegant artichoke dip, or even a baked brie. Served with fancy crackers or toasted baguettes, these dips feel special and taste divine.

Fresh Fruit

Fruit is an often overlooked appetizer, but is an almost guaranteed crowd-pleaser. You can prep it ahead of time, which frees you up during the party to enjoy your guests. Plus, the bright colors add decoration to your table. Bright red strawberries, sunny yellow pineapple, and summery melons are tasty and gorgeous. You can serve them on skewers for added interest, but they’re just as delightful served up in your most colorful dishes. You can add a dip or serve them alone.  


Meatballs are an endlessly versatile appetizer option, and honestly, almost nothing is easier. Throw a bag of frozen meatballs in your crockpot along with a sauce of your choice – homemade or from a jar – and you’re done. Serve them up with toothpicks for a bite-sized burst of flavor everyone loves. Your flavor choices are unlimited; BBQ, sweet and sour, marinara, Greek, and curry are just a few. And best of all, you can find ready-made meatballs at the grocery store, making this one of the easiest appetizer options out there.

It’s Time to Invite

Throw a party. Enjoy your connections. Feed the people you love effortlessly with these appetizer ideas. 

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