The Health Benefits of Wine: A Simple Guide

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Wine sales are expected to grow by 3% in 2021. This is great news for an industry that had to contend with tasting room closures and plummeting sales.

Many people learned about wine drinking during the pandemic, including new wine drinkers in their 60s. Wine sales suddenly became accessible thanks to online ordering and low prices.

It’s also apparent that there are health benefits of wine. New studies appear that tout that drinking wine is good for you.

Are you ready to learn what the top health benefits of wine are?

Let’s get started!

Wine and Polyphenols

Wine is shown to reduce inflammation because it contains polyphenols. These are antioxidants that occur naturally in plants.

Since wine has the compound to reduce inflammation, it also reduces the risk of heart disease. It’s known to assist with blood pressure management and circulation.

Which types of wine are highest in polyphenols? White wine gets a bad rap because it tends to have more sugar than red.

White wine does share some of the same health benefits as red wine. White wine also contains polyphenols, though red wine contains more.

The difference lies in production methods. Red wine is made by taking grapes and skins, pressing them, and fermenting them.

White wine gets made by pressing the juice from the grape and fermenting it. The skins of grapes contain many of the beneficial chemicals of wine.

Moderation Is Key

Yes, there are many health benefits of wine, but studies indicate that you reap the benefits when you drink in moderation.

You’re probably aware that one night of drinking too much wine will result in a nasty hangover that lasts for a day or so.

The long-term consequences of drinking a lot of wine regularly include heart and liver issues, mental health problems, increased risk of cancer, and dependency issues.

It can also lead to weight gain. Your metabolism slows down and you’ll get a wine belly before you know it.

It’s OK to have a glass of wine a night. A glass is a 6-ounce serving, not half of the bottle. If you have a glass of wine with dinner, that’s perfectly fine.

Starting Your Wine Collection

If you’re sold on the benefits of drinking wine, you’re going to want to start your own wine collection. You’ll need to keep the wine in a cool, dark place.

A wine cellar is a perfect place, and you can control the temperature with a wine cellar cooling unit.

Look to fill your cellar with wines that you enjoy on a regular basis and will grow in value over time. Don’t be afraid to try different varietals and learn about wine regions.

Your understanding of wine will grow, and you’ll become more passionate about good wine.

The Health Benefits of Wine

The health benefits of wine come from polyphenols. As long as you drink wine in moderation, you’ll enjoy the benefits of drinking wine for a long time to come.

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