Substitute Chicken and Turkey With These Poultry Alternatives

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When you hear about poultry, you most likely think about chicken and turkey. While you might enjoy their taste and multiple applications, you might also be curious about other alternatives and how they could make for interesting dishes. Learn more about some of the poultry you can try and how to prepare them.


Quail is a much smaller bird than chicken and turkey. Yet, it also comes with its own versatility, since you can either prepare it for an individual, one-time meal or you can make several for guests in a larger celebration. The meat is both tender and flavorful, while also having soft bones that you can easily eat. Many of the Coturnix quail recipes you will find involve braised or roasted bird, as well as the eggs, for a variety of breakfasts, lunches and entrees.


Though ostrich is generally considered part of the poultry category, it actually has more in common with red meat when it comes to flavor and texture. You can prepare it as steaks, burgers or even sausages, just as you would beef and pork meat. However, it is also a lean meat, so it has less fat than its red equivalents. You will have to marinate it fast to keep some moisture, but moderately so. Expect ostrich meat to be more expensive than most other options.


Another darker and richer substitute to chicken or turkey you can count on is duck, the third most produced poultry after those two. The meat is prepared in numerous ways, though most of them involve roasting it to leave behind a crispy skin. Some of the more famous dishes are foie gras and Peking duck. While it is a healthy fowl with plenty of vitamins and minerals, its skin holds a high amount of fat.

Chicken and turkey are enduring classics, but poultry in general offers a great range of flavor, texture, nutrition and more. Try out some of these birds and see if you discover a new favorite.

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