Regularly Replace Your Traeger Hot Rod and Tips on Maintaining a BBQ?

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Nothing can be compared to tasty meat prepared on a barbeque. People who know how to grill are special, but to do your favorite meat and the flavor that makes water in your mouth, they need to know how to take care of their BBQ.

It’s easy to throw the pieces of raw meat on the stove and wait for them to change color, but when it comes to creating a true masterpiece, thorough cleaning and maintenance are crucial for an outstanding product. See more about barbeques here.

Only those who know how to maintain a car will see it drive fast on races. It’s the same with the BBQ. If you don’t know how to maintain the grill, you won’t get the best flavor from what you place on it. That’s why you need to learn everything there is about how the barbeque needs to be cleaned and maintained.

In this article, we’re talking more about these issues. Follow up if you want to know how this is done, what the most crucial things to do are, and what you should mind before start grilling. Check out what we have prepared!

1. Replace regularly your igniter

As the title suggests, you must take care of the hot rod igniter to be sure that it will work perfectly every time. This is the basic step toward a strong and well-working grill. Not all grills are the same, of course, some are running on gas, others on electricity, and some use coal.

If you have the ignition to start the BBQ, and a tool that will spark up the hot rod, then you should know that this one is going to be obsolete really fast. It is using special technology but won’t last forever. If you are using an old one, it will simply not function properly. It’s wise changing it before it creates a true problem.

Find exactly which one is needed for your BBQ. If you’re using a Traeger BBQ, you’re going to need to buy an igniter that will fit perfectly. Look for one on the internet, as it is the best and easiest way to do it. Everything else is just trying to copy a solution that won’t work.

2. Clean the burning parts

Inside the grill is a big piece of machinery that needs to be regularly maintained. It’s not easy doing it, but if you want to have a machine working properly, there’s no other way to do it. Instead of leaving it as it is until it completely breaks down, you should make sure it’s working perfectly.

Open the parts to reach inside the BBQ. Of course, don’t forget to turn it off previously and make sure it’s not possible to be turned on by accident. Then, use purge towels and solutions that will take off the dirt from the parts. The more dirt there is, the worse it will work.

Once you’re done, you should put everything back. Make sure that parts are not left unclean or soaked with the solutions you’ve been using. Especially if you’re about to turn it on right away, you need to be sure that everything is completely dry and there’s no chance for it to become damaged additionally.

3. Wipe off the grill

Before every use, it’s smart to wipe off the grill. Use dry clothing or paper to do this. When you place the meat and the other substances, they are going to leave its natural grease which mixes with the rods. They are then forming a layer that is useful while you’re using the BBQ but are dangerous afterward.

When you’re done grilling, you can’t touch it because everything’s still too hot. Leave it to cool off and then immediately wipe the surface. It’s crucial to do this before it completely cools off because if it does, it will form a layer that’s hard to remove.

This layer becomes full of bacteria as the juicy and fruitful substance attracts living tiny microorganisms. If you ignore it and start grilling without cleaning it, all these bacteria will get inside your meat and you’ll eat it, which you have to admit, is not the best idea.

4. Burn the remaining grease

If you leave it like that, you should know that you can’t be grilling without taking measures. It will be best to burn it entirely and destroy the remaining bacteria. Even if you try to clean everything and it looks perfect, it is still smart to burn it without anything placed on top.

The heat will destroy anything that might be stacked on the metal. The best way to make an item disinfected is to place it under great heat. That will destroy anything that is located on top of it. See more about this problem here:

5. Store the grill when the season ends

When the season ends, it’s crucial to store your BBQ in a place where it will be safe from the weather conditions that might damage it. The best place is in the garage. It’s easy to place it and take it back to the yard when you needed the next season.

Some people love barbequing during the winter, so if you’re one of these people, make sure you have it covered with something. Don’t let rain or snow get to it because it will easily malfunction.

To be sure that everything works perfectly in the spring, you need to store it in a safe place. The garage will keep it warm enough, safe from any natural occurrence, and it won’t get dirt or dust over it which may pose a problem later.


With the points from above, you now know how to handle the problems that might be coming with the BBQ. You know how to maintain it, and what are the most crucial issues that will help you have a well-working, useful, and amazing BBQ. Have your food prepared like a true professional.

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