Planning the Perfect Virtual Tasting: 3 Steps to an Unforgettable Night, Food Cakes

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After almost a year of staying at home, finding new ways to get together has never felt more necessary. Thankfully, creating a virtual get together has become easier than ever. If you are looking to enjoy a unique experience with friends and loved ones, consider hosting a tasting, complete with indulgent treats and a game night – all online.

Hosting the Tasting 

If you miss hanging out at tastings with friends; or had plans that have since been postponed, sign up with friends for a virtual tasting. Wineries and liquor brands have taken their events online, helping bring the drinks to you. To plan your event, start by setting your guest list. Then choose your hosting vineyard/distillery and make sure everyone has time to either receive or purchase the necessary libations. Then, enjoy learning about your drinks before having a social hour, safely and responsibly.

Select Your Snacks 

When drinking, you should always have water and something to eat nearby. Kick up your event by ordering scrumptious snacks in advance. Pick a treat that can be delivered in time for the tasting and will complement the drinks. For example, cakes in Schaumburg IL can be the perfect match for a rich, red wine or bourbon. Alternatively, creamy cheeses and fruits will pair nicely with a sweet, crisp white wine or smoky whisky.

Game Night  

After the tasting, you probably are not going to want to jump off the call. Keep the party going with some virtual games that are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Before your event begins, have a discussion with your friends to choose a couple games so that no time is lost discussing options. Once your tasting finishes and conversations have started to lull, break out a game and keep the party going late into the night.

No matter what you choose, be sure to drink responsibly and have fun.



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