Luciano – The Perfect Destination For Ice Cream Gourmets

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A cone of sweet cooling ice cream is equally cherished alike by both – children and adults, especially if it is the creamy and luxurious Luciano ice cream. The cool delights of Luciano are backed by years and years of hard work and the passion for creating nothing but the best luxury ice creams. Regardless of what the age and taste preference of a customer is, they are sure to relish each unique ice cream flavor of Luciano.

Mr. Luc Blok, the founder of Luciano, was just 15 when he joined the family business as an assistant to his parents. They had a small ice cream store in The Hague, his native. Joining the business at an early age gave him all the experience and training he needed. It gave Luc a boost and direction for the rest of his life, as well as he discovered his passion for creating new and amazing ice cream flavors.

After receiving specialized ice cream-making training in Wageningen, Luc decided to start his own business in Wassenaar. Till 1996, all he had were ice cream trucks in different locations, but later he and his wife Angelique started their first ice cream parlor. It was – a dream come true for both of them, and the first outlet of the Luciano Empire.

The company name comes from Luc’s name, and the inverted ‘A’, which looks like an ice cream cone, in the logo stands for his wife, Angelique. Luc and Angelique worked hard to improve their ice cream flavors with every passing day, as well as continued opening new Luciano ice cream parlors throughout the Netherlands.

The hard work and dedication of the entire Luciano team received recognition not only from their happy customers but even industry experts. Luc and his team have received several awards throughout their journey. For instance, in 2007, Luc received the title of SVH Meesterijsbereider (it is the highest degree in the industry of ice cream making in the Netherlands).

The list of awards kept on growing with every passing year. Luciano even received the titles like ‘Ice Cream Parlor of the Year’ and ‘Craftsman of the Year’. However, the years 2020 and 2021 proved to be significant for the brand. Luciano received tremendous recognition when it became the winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the Best Luxury Ice Cream category.

At present, Luciano has 15 parlors across the Netherlands, and they serve over 30 different flavors. Ice cream gourmets are never disappointed after tasting Luciano’s signature flavors like raspberry crumble pie, honey figs, and spekkoek. Of course, they even serve classic flavors like vanilla, banana, lemon, strawberry, and many more.

Furthermore, it’s not just the delicious creamy ice creams that mesmerize visitors at all the Luciano parlors, but even their ice cream cakes do the trick. Must-try flavors include Hazelnut Meringue Pie, Stroopwafel Ice Cream, and Key West Lemon Pie. Also, their new and exceptional flavors like Espresso Martini and Kletskop Brulee don’t disappoint visitors.

To ensure every customer enjoys every bite and lick of their ice creams, Luc and his team depend on nothing else but high-quality ingredients. For instance, their extra pure Inaya chocolate sorbet is made using the best quality Belgian Callebaut chocolate. Next, their pistachio ice cream is full of flavorful pistachios coming straight from Bronte in Sicily.

They don’t even compromise when it comes to their classic flavors like vanilla and strawberry. After all, for their Vanilla ice cream, they use special vanilla pods imported from Madagascar, and for their Strawberry ice cream, they only use tasteful Dutch Elsanta strawberries.

Lastly, it is important to remember that it is Luc’s and his team’s unwavering dedication and perfection that have bought Luciano titles like Best Luxury Ice Cream producers in the world.

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