Increase in Popularity of Cheese Curds over the Last 5 Years

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Cheese curds are moist pieces of curdled milk either eaten alone,as a snack or used in other recipes. They are a uniquely Wisconsin delicacy with a mild cheddar liketaste, and cheese curds are also called baby cheddar.

Cheese curds have become more popular worldwide, and they are fast approaching an obsession. In the United States alone, more than 3 billion pounds of cheese curds are produced annually.

According to the IRI, cheese curds are making a significant comeback, with a 7% growth in foodservice and 17.3% growth in retail in 2015. In Wisconsin, the boost seems especially pronounced at restaurants, as the mentions of cheese curds in the menus increased 13%.

Cheese curds have become so popular inWisconsin that many cheese factories make the curds every day to meet the demand of cheese curd lovers.

In just the past few years, cheese curds have become staples at restaurants and bars. They even show up in the fast-food restaurant menus as sides and starters. The way of eating cheese curds has revolutionised, they are served raw or deep-fried, and they can be tossed in spices, dipped in various sauces or added as sides to sandwiches and tacos.

Canadians have their own popular way of eating cheese curds called ‘Poutine,’ a famous cheese curds dish originating in the 1950s in rural Quebec, Canada.

The rising popularity of cheese curds can also be ascribed to how chefs are playing around with it. Besides growing up eating the traditional poutine, chefs have now invested multiple dishes and uses of cheese curds in various recipes.

Cheese Curds in Australia

According to the sources, the exports of cheese curd in Australia has increased to 86 AUD Million.Australian cheese producers are making history. Each year, cheese curds make up a higher percentage of its output.Australian cheese production increased by 8% in 2017/18, to approximately 377,000 tonnes. Australia produces over 160 types of cheese products, cheese curds being the one.

The rise in demand is because cheese curds are versatile and a perfect combination of salty and fatty, and the natural gimmick they have; when fresh, they’re squeaky.

Before, raw cheeses were banned in Australia due to safety reasons. Now the ban has been removed, such relief for cheese curd lovers. Buying cheese curds in States or Canada is easy, but when it comes to Australia, finding fresh cheese curds was quite difficult until Pure Dairy started selling the fresh cheese curds sourced from Wisconsin.

You can buy their cheese curds through wholesale foodservice distributors around Australia. Pure Dairy cheese curds are individually frozen, which allows the taste, texture, nutritional value, and the squeak to be fully preserved.The storage and freezing process of these Pure Dairy cheese curds enables the end-user to better control portion sizes and reduces wastage. You can also buy cheese curds in bulk and store it for up to 210 days. You can call the head office of Pure Dairy if you would like to find out if your wholesale distributor stocks Pure Dairy Cheese Curds.

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