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Multigrain Bread:More Than Your Regular Health Fads

Our staple food – bread – has evolved manifold over the course of time. While the consumption of white bread has significantly decreased, the consumption of whole-grain and multi-grain bread has multiplied, thanks to the health benefits offered by them. Since these bread variants are made of whole grains, they help decrease the risk of various health complications including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stroke etc. phenomenally.

So, how multigrain bread is your health-partner?

  • Multi-grain bread, if made with 100 % whole grains, is a great staple food. Rich in essential nutrients, it offers you multiple health benefits especially those related to high-fibre nutrition.
  • Multi-grain bread usually comes with whole grains like barley, oatmeal, quinoa, bulgur, millet etc. It is important to take these ingredients into consideration whenever you are purchasing multi-grain bread. If the primary ingredient comes out to be wheat flour, do not go for it, rather look for bread that has oatmeal or barley as its primary ingredient. Wheat bread consists as much as 75% refined flour which is not good for your health. So it’s better to look for multi-grain bread that is made of 100% whole grains.

When you choose multi-grain bread, you are actually choosing health. It comes with high-quality carbohydrates which make you feel full and active all through the day. The same is confirmed by Harvard Health reports too.

Let’s delve a little deeper!

When you will carefully examine the calorie content of the multi-grain brain and compare it with that of the white bread, you won’t find much difference. So why choose the former and not the latter? The answer is simple, multi-grain bread is rich in fibres which are not present in white bread. It is also rich in essential vitamins besides iron, magnesium and anti-oxidants. The benefits of having the aforementioned nutrients in your diet are not unknown to you!

Healthy bread means a healthy body!

A lot of people don’t get enough time to indulge in physical exercises and workouts, thanks to their extra-busy schedules! The only way they can make sure that their health is not compromised even when they are not working out is by eating healthy. Bread, being a staple food of the majority of the population residing, makes a big difference in their lives. If you eat unhealthy variants of bread, you won’t be able to keep your body healthy. Consequently, your health will degrade and numerous diseases will become your reality. Unhealthy eating disturbs your digestive system and weakens your immune system which, in turn, invites illnesses like diabetes, stroke, heart problems etc.

Multi-grain bread, consisting of whole-grain ingredients, is enriched with proteins, fibres, vitamin B among several others. These ingredients are responsible for lowering your blood pressure, alleviating gum diseases and fortifying your immune system.

Since now you are acquainted with the benefits of eating multi-grain bread, you can purchase the best quality multi-grain bread variants from any of the best bread and bakery brands in India, the likes of Modern Foods, one alongside oats & flax bread, whole grain bread and so much more.

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