How to Select Coffee Beans which are Right for You?

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Coffee is liked almost everywhere and also there are several types of coffee available to choose from. So, choosing the right variety of coffee that can match your taste exactly can often be quite confusing. Also, our tastes tend to change over some time, so selecting the right coffee can often be a daunting task. 

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Let us share a few tips here for choosing your best coffee beans in this short write up.

Know your preference

By knowing exactly your taste, you can select what you want. The Arabica is known for its smooth and slightly acidic taste. While Robusta has a very strong and bitter taste, it is not recommended unless you taste both you cannot decide your taste. 

Select coffee beans as per your preferred taste

Few coffee lovers will like that their very first cup of coffee must have a consistently delicious taste. However, for knowing your preferred taste, you have to do a little bit of trying different varieties of coffee and with trial and error method can arrive at your decision. 

Single-origin or blended?

Single-origin coffee beans usually are sourced from a single location, region, or country. This may also be under the specific climate, coffee farm, and micro-conditions, under which the bean was grown in.

Nevertheless, the flavorful notes of a blended coffee may also be liked by many coffee drinkers.

Don’t stop experimenting

There is nothing good or bad about coffee and hence you must do plenty of experiments and trial to choose the right coffee that you will always like. Your taste may often change too.

Decide the amount of caffeine you like in your coffee

Usually, lightly roasted beans will have the highest caffeine level as compared to dark roasted beans. Espresso coffee, which is very popular among the people which is considered to be the medium roast beans. To be safe, choose coffee between light or medium roasted beans.

Go for beans from a reputed coffee roaster

Buying coffee beans from any well-reputed roaster will increase your chances to get high-quality beans

Always check the date of roast 

You must always go for freshly roasted coffee. So, before you buy your beans, try to check for the roast date printed on the label to get an idea of how many days must have passed since the beans were roasted.

Avoid coffee beans if labeled 100% coffee

Often you may come across coffee beans which are labeled 100% Arabica or 100% coffee however mostly this is not true though the best coffee beans usually come from this plant. 

Selecting your best coffee beans needs attention to detail and also good knowledge of exactly what you want. Many companies may include labels that may not necessarily depict the actual quality of coffee-beans.

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