How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee: 5 Things You Must Do

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, more and more people are making the switch to brewing their own coffee at home. With the right technique, you can achieve a high-quality brew in little to no time in the comfort of your home.

That being said, knowing how to make a great cup of coffee should be a skill every coffee lover should master.

By following these five must-do steps you too can learn how to become your own barista and elevate your coffee-making game.

How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee: Picking the Right Roast

Choosing the right roast is the first step to knowing how to make the perfect cup of coffee. It’s a personal preference- so have fun when experimenting with your various options.

For those looking for hints of chocolate notes, consider a medium roast coffee. Alternatively, if you like fruity or tea-like blends, a light roast is most likely the right choice for you.   

Use Whole Beans

Whole beans beat out pre-ground coffee every time. There really is no competition when you think about it. But why is that?

The oils responsible for giving the beans their flavor are trapped inside unless broken open. With pre-ground coffee, the oils begin to oxidize once they are exposed to the air. This dramatically impacts the taste of your coffee- making it a key factor to avoid.  

Pick Your Brewing Method

Now that you’ve chosen your ideal roast, it’s time to brew. Knowing how to brew coffee is simple- there really is no wrong way to do it. 

The most commonly chosen methods of brewing include:

  • Aeropress
  • Pour-over
  • French press
  • Chemex
  • Auto-drip

You will find that these methods are just a guideline for brewing. Feel free to experiment and switch between methods when searching for your perfect brew.

Water Quality

Besides coffee beans, water is the only other element you need to worry about when mastering a great cup of coffee. Since your coffee’s flavor depends on how agitated your beans are, it is important to focus on the temperature of the water you’re using. 

To achieve a more bitter taste, you want to agitate the beans with lower temperature water- roughly 185 degrees Fahrenheit. For a more extracted bean, it is recommended that you use water over 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

To add, you should also ensure you are using high quality of water. Since water qualities vary depending on where you live, it is recommended that you purchase a handheld or tap water filtration system.

Timing is Everything

When making a perfect cup of coffee the key to getting a rich, fully developed flavor is timing. For optimal freshness, you should always grind your beans before each cup of coffee. 

You also want to monitor your brewing time. This is to ensure you are not over or under-extracting the flavors from the coffee. Using your phone or a kitchen timer is a great way to stay on top of your brew. 

Brewing times will change depending on the method of brewing and how strong you take your coffee. 

Achieving the Best Brew 

By following these few tips, you can transform how you experience your morning coffee. What’s even better is that you’ll never have to settle for subpar coffee again!

For more advice on how to make a great cup of coffee, check out the tea and coffee section of our blog.


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