How to make tasty Mutton Pakora at home?

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Are you fond and love eating mutton, you love mutton more than beef and chicken, there are users who are on my mind with Mutton Pakora, I like eating mutton pakora at home. Here is an easy recipe to make mutton pakora at home.

The recipe can be served a starter non veg dish and fried food for foodies.

It is Indian dish and takes a time of 15-20 minutes from cooking to serving.

The Ingredients of the dish are given below-

You need ¼ Gram mutton

Need 3 spoons of gram floor

2 spoons of corn flour

1 spoon of ginger garlic paste

4/3 spoons red chilli powder

½ spoon of cumin powder

Half spoon of fennel powder

Half spoon of turmeric powder

Lemon juice and salt

You need oil to fry mutton

How to make mutton pakoda step by step?

If you need tasty and delicious mutton pakora then you need to follow step by step instructions and follow our step by step Guide-

Step 1- Wash mutton nicely in water, chop into bite size bits. Wash again and drain surplus water.

Step 2- Put mutton pieces in a pressure cooker and pour water till it has chilled nicely and there’s some water over the mutton pieces.

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Step 3- Following the above time eliminate the cooker out of fire and set aside before the pressure drops. Then open the lid and then choose the mutton pieces . (Use the surplus water as soup as inventory water for any sauce preparations. To get a soup that is simple, simply add some carrot powder, pepper powder, coriander leaves and function )

Step 4- Now put a skillet flame and then pour enough oil for frying the mutton pieces.

Step 5- Following the oil gets hot, dip the mutton pieces into the batter coating it well with the batter on all sides and then gently slide it in the hot oil.

Step 6- Fry till the pieces turn red and crisp. (Mutton bits are already cooked, so we need just the batter to get cooked thus fry on medium fire, don’t wait for more time, It Is Going to create the bits tough and rubbery)

Step 7- Remove from fire, drizzle lemon juice if you want and serve.

I hope you like eating Mutton pakora, This is one of the best non veg starter recipe for non veg lovers.

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