How To Make New York Cheese Cake At Home Without Messing It Up

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There is not much substantial difference when you look at the variety of cheesecakes, but there is something about some cheesecakes which make them very special. The new york cheese cake is one of them. The New York cheesecake is one of the most popular cheesecakes in Singapore. The bakers just do not need any marketing for this cake; it just sells and sells, without any nudge. This cake has a vanilla fragrance, just like quail egg custard tarts, and its smooth cheese flavour makes it stand apart. You can find innumerable fans of New York cheesecake across the country; it is a go-to cake for the majority of residents. Irrespective of the event and mood, the cake is just sacred for the people of the country.

How New York cheesecakes are baked?

The new york cheese cake are usually not baked in a water bath, they are baked at very high temperature. Firstly they are baked at very high temperatures for a few minutes then the cakes are kept in low temperature in order to keep the inner layer as creamy as possible. The cakes have creamy and satiny texture, which makes it taste different than other conventional cheesecakes. They are made with made heavy cheese cream, eggs, sour creams and egg yolks. The bakers also add lemon to make sure the cake remains smooth.

Make your own New York cheese cakes at home

If you are a fan of baking cakes, you can easily make your own new york cheese cake at home. You can make the crust of the cake easily by mixing cookies, melted butter and sugar. You are required to bake it for a few minutes before filling it up. You can use the biscuits of your choice, but make sure you don’t add sugar biscuits as they can make the texture too hard. Once you are satisfied with crust, you should bake the cake at 220 degrees for at least ten minutes. Then lower the temperature to 11o degrees and bake it for at least an hour. Make sure you do not open in the oven door in between, opening the door can cause cracks in the cake, and you will lose the smoothening as well.

The final nudge

Once you have successfully baked yourNew York cheese cake, just transfer the cake to any rack in order to let it cool down completely. Do not hustle; let it settle for at least twelve hours. Once settled, you can enjoy the cake for several days; it keeps very well in the fridge.

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