Fall Foods: What Should I Eat This Fall?

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Ah, fall: the time of Thanksgiving, Halloween, leaves turning crimson and orange, and crisp air. Fall is a fantastic season and one that’s rich in tantalizing things to eat!

Yet you may be thinking “what should I eat in Autumn?” If you’re trying to lose weight, the wide selection of treats might make that a little hard. If you just want a little meal inspiration, we can help you with that too.

Are you ready to find a new favorite fall dish? Then read on!


Porridge often gets something of a bad rap, with many preferring to eat sugary breakfast cereals. This is a shame: porridge is one of the most versatile breakfasts that you can get, and if you don’t have time to make it in the morning, you can make overnight oats for a nutritious breakfast!

You can add anything to porridge and get a delicious breakfast. Sugar or jelly are common additions, but maple syrup, honey, fresh fruit, or peanut butter all make for a great meal.

Porridge is a delightful and warming way to start your fall day.

Roasted Butternut Squash

If you’re not eating butternut squash in the winter, you’re doing it wrong. Butternut squash has a very rich flavor that you need to experience, and its orange flesh is even fall-themed. 

When you’ve roasted it, you can also mash it with butter for an amazing and healthy side. If you’d like, you can add it to mashed potatoes for a beautiful blend of flavors. It’s eating pure made easy!


Leeks are a wonderful alternative to onion that’s slightly milder in flavor. This vegetable will add a delicate taste to your next dish, no matter what it is. They’re great in a stir fry, a stew, or in a pie.

For a very simple fall recipe, fry up some sliced leek with bacon and mushrooms, and serve with mashed potato or butternut squash!


When you were a kid, you might have hated broccoli, but rediscovering it as an adult is one of life’s great pleasures. It adds a very rich taste to almost anything you can think of. 

If you’re trying to think of new ways to serve broccoli, why not try adding it to a pasta bake? Boil the broccoli first and then add it to a pasta bake with a tomato sauce. The acidity of the tomatoes pairs extremely well with the broccoli, making for a delicious meal.

Pumpkin Pie

Alright, we’ve talked about lots of healthy stuff so far. We’re not here to tell you never to treat yourself, and pumpkin pie is the perfect fall way to give yourself that treat! It’s full of delicious spices, a delicious crust, and will make you feel a little warmer in the cold fall days.

What Should I Eat in Fall: Answered

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the best fall foods. If you’re asking yourself “what should I eat in fall,” we hope that you now feel a lot more informed.

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