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‘The egg-less kitchen multi-tool’ is used to crack eggs without the use of sticky counters and bowls. There is no mess involved; it is a pastry cutter and spatula. We all encounter similar problems when we want to crack eggs into the bowl. When cracking an egg it might get to your face or on a countertop, which can be irritating. There is no need to worry since there is a tool that ensures all the egg gets into the bowl after cracking it.

Importance of EGG-LESS.

The beauty of egg-less is that it makes sure you empty the egg where you prefer once you’ve cracked it. It makes it easy for you to get the egg inside the bowl and whisk or mix it with different ingredients you have prepared. This tool prevents wastage, and there is no single drip of egg that will fall outside the bowl. There will be no mess to wash up or wipe-up. In short, no single mess when cracking.

Egg-Less tool story

Egg-less was developed in 2015 to provide a solution of reducing mess, which comes up when one is preparing eggs in the kitchen. This tool aims to make sure that unnecessary mess is avoided where possible, and that is the idea of Egg-less.

Egg-less easily fits the margin of all sorts of container and bowl that are meant for cracking eggs. Once you crack the egg the albumen (white part of the egg) and the yolk will only land in the bowl, exactly where you wanted it to be collected in the first place. There is no way any of it will drop to the countertop or around the margin of the container. Egg drips once you use the edge of a container or end of the bowl for cracking.

Everyone can use Egg-Less

Cooking for the family or cooking with your kids, we all know the amount of mess that will be left behind for cleaning once you are done. There is some mess you can’t avoid no matter what you do. But in the case of cracking eggs, there is a solution to prevent the egg from dropping on the countertop or outside the bowl.

A Special Tool Required in Every Kitchen

Egg-less is a special tool that any amateur chef or budding cook would consider using in their kitchen. A simple and strong solution that minimize avoidable mess at the time of preparing a particular meal. You also need to know that it retails below $10, which makes it affordable to anyone willing to make it part of their kitchen utensils. Egg-less can also be used to perform other tasks. It can be used as a spatula to easily scoop a mix of cake and other different contents from the bowl, once everything is ready for baking. It can be used as a pastry cutter to cut shapes in the doughs before baking.

Advantages of Egg-Less.

  1. It is has a unique design compared to other solutions or devices.
  2. Can perfectly fit at the edge of a container or mixing bowl.
  3. Easy to use and clean.
  4. It is affordable.
  5. It can be used to carry out different tasks, as a pastry cutter and spatula.



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