Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying Kitchen Utensils

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A recent report found that 82% of the food Americans are eating they’ve prepared at home. That’s a much higher rate than in years past!

If you want to make the most of your home cooking, you’re going to need the right tools. Having great kitchenware can help you cook faster, better, and more evenly.

How should you go about buying kitchen utensils? The options seem limitless nowadays, whether you’re buying utensils online or in stores.

Read on for the top five factors you should consider when picking your tools for cooking and eating.

1. Cost

Naturally, you’re going to need to start with a budget. Having a lower budget doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice quality. Instead, it means that you’ll need to make careful selections and rely on a smaller set of high-quality kitchen utensils.

Don’t forget the rest of these factors when comparing utensil costs. Get the most for your money.

2. Material

Material is everything when it comes to cookware. For example, stainless steel utensils are going to be more durable than a lower-quality material like tin or reusable plastic.

It’s worth noting that when you opt for high-quality materials, you’ll need to learn how to take care of them. For example, cast iron pans like the one on this page are about as high-quality as you can get, and cast iron requires special care. 

3. Quality

Quality isn’t just about the material used to make your cookware. It’s also about the manufacturer and how well-crafted their utensils and cookware are. 

It’s appealing in the short term to spend less on more utensils and cookware. However, this isn’t the most cost-effective route in the long run. Low-quality utensils and cookware will need replacement within one to three years, unlike high-quality products that last for decades.

4. Function Over Aesthetic

Because of social media sites like Instagram, we’re all a little aesthetic-obsessed. Who isn’t enthralled by a pastel pink toaster or iridescent forks and spoons? 

One thing you should be wary of is that some brands pick up on our favored trends and pump out cheap products to match. That’s not to say that you can’t find a great pastel pink toaster! It’s just to say that you should always look at the function of a product over the aesthetic.

5. Safety

Safety is, of course, a big concern in the kitchen. Does the handle of your skillet have heat-proof protection? Do your kitchen knives have sturdy handles to prevent breaking or slipping? 

Check the safety rating on your kitchen utensils and cookware before making your final decision.

Make the Right Choices When Buying Kitchen Utensils

Now that we’re all cooking at home so often, it’s time to take buying kitchen utensils seriously. With our guide, you can make the best choices for your budget and boost your home-chef skills.

Looking for some great recipes to make with your new cookware? Take a look around for hundreds of inspired recipes and cooking tips to take your cooking to the next level.

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