Brewed Coffee Versus Coffee Extract: A Guide

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Did you know that the average coffee drinker consumes around two to three cups of coffee each day? That adds up to around 400 million cups of coffee being drunk across the country.

There are many different ways to drink your favorite morning beverage, such as cold brew and brewed coffee. If you’ve been in the world of coffee for a while, you’ve likely seen the term “coffee extract” thrown around. But, what exactly is a coffee extract?

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about coffee extract and how you can use it.

What Is Coffee Extract?

Coffee extract combines alcohol with roasted coffee beans. The result is a concentrated coffee liquid used in cocktails, ice cream, and baked goods. The flavor is concentrated and quite strong, making it the perfect thing to flavor your favorite coffee-flavored dessert.

It’s simple to make coffee extract. Crush up whole coffee beans and mix them with alcohol, leaving the mixture to sit for several weeks.

The alcohol serves as a solvent. It extracts the coffee’s essence and solids. You can use the final products as a substitute for vanilla in various recipes.

Any coffee can be used to make coffee extract. You can experiment with Columbian or Ethiopian coffee.

What’s the Difference Between Coffee Extract and Brewed Coffee?

It’s not recommended to pour yourself a cup of coffee extract to kick start your morning. While you might enjoy the strong coffee flavor, you might want to opt for an espresso instead to satisfy your cravings.

You pour hot water over coffee grounds or add them to hot water to make brewed coffee. The hot water will dissolve most of the coffee grounds, passing through a paper filter and into your coffee pot.

As we mentioned before, coffee extract is used primarily to flavor cocktails or desserts. It’s not designed to drink on its own without the addition of water.

How to Use Coffee Extract

One of the benefits of coffee extract is that it adds a powerful punch to any recipe you add it to. Some recipes that use coffee extract include:

Add one teaspoon of coffee extract if you’re whipping up a chocolate milkshake. Enjoy a chilly mocha treat on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Many chocolate cake recipes also call for espresso powder. You can use one teaspoon of coffee extract instead for a more intense flavor.

If you’d like to use the coffee extract for your morning coffee, add one teaspoon of coffee extract to 1/4 cup of water. For those who want a larger cup of coffee, mess with the coffee extract to water ratio as needed.

Learn How to Use Coffee Extract in Your Recipes

Coffee extract is a great alternative to vanilla or another type of extract for your next baking project. Start your morning with a cup of brewed coffee and a slice of coffee cake made with coffee extract.

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