Are you a butter lover? Try these yummy variants now!

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You would have tried many lip-smacking dishes that taste better with butter. There are a few types of butter that can add more taste to all dishes you are going to prepare in your kitchen and improve your baking skills. So, let’s discover different kinds of creamy butter and how you can store them.

Unsalted and salted butter

This special variety is also labeled as sweet cream salted or unsalted butter. It is generally prepared by churning the cream continuously. The butter is widely used in recipes where the bakers want to control the level of salt. In case you are adding this variant then reduce the salt amount in the recipe. As compared to the unsalted ones, the salted ones remain for a longer time and also become a great substitute to stock up butter.

Grass-fed butter

The process of its making is similar to the unsalted butter, i.e. churning cream. It is named so because the cows that produce cream are fed on a grass or grain-free diet. Therefore, you will find it yellow because of beta-carotene. You can use grass-fed butter for baking, stovetop cooking, and baking.

Cultured butter

This is a special butter made by adding bacteria to the cream. Its taste is more tangy and buttery because of it. You can use it in different recipes like your regular butter, though you will find some specific taste in this so you must be a little bit cautious about adding it to the recipe.

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European style butter

The method of making is simply churning the cream, but for a longer time to make butterfat. It is easy to use and loved by the bakers to prepare different recipes. The butter has become an all-time favorite because there is less water content. Due to the higher amount of fat, it is easy to buffer and avoid the production of gluten in the dough.

Ghee or Clarified butter

We all know its name, but do you know how it is made? Well, there is no presence of milk solids, water, and completely lactose-free. Hence, it doesn’t get burned at high temperatures. It means you can use it easily for sautéing or frying.

As of now, you have got a clear idea about the varieties of butter available in the market and that can be used in different recipes. Order yours today and start experimenting.


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