6 Common Menu Design Errors to Avoid for Your Restaurant

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The food service industry’s employment will rise by 400,000 jobs. It translates into total industry employment of 14.9 million by the end of 2022.

When designing a menu, you want to include the correct elements. Generating the right amount of creativity with a valid number of components is a challenging task. It requires a delicate balance for maximum effectiveness.

To do so, you must consider common menu design errors that often stand out to customers. You should always go the extra mile to highlight your restaurant’s most visually appealing elements.

Please keep reading to discover these menu design mistakes and how to fix them.

1. Poor Typography and Cluttered Layout

List all menu items clearly and legibly so customers can easily read and discern the offers. Correct font sizes, mismatched text styles, and spacing between lines of text can result in unreadable content and clarity.

An elegant and uniform typeface, organized layout, and clear and concise language will make menus more user-friendly. Always remember that a proper restaurant menu design will lead to an increased number of sales.

2. Unclear Navigation Language

Use less technical jargon, which can lead to complicated and poor restaurant menu information. Drop-down menus and mouse-over options can simplify the navigation process. It will also provide an additional visual reference point.

Every navigation section should be directly labeled, with the item’s exact navigation path provided. Test and refine the navigation periodically to ensure it remains up-to-date and efficient.

3. Inadequate Broken-Down Categories

Submenus can help break down large groupings of items and simplify navigation, but they need to be clearly labeled and well thought out. You want more than two extensive menus with countless articles because this will only be helpful to the user. Determine the menu design according to the customer’s needs, and place the items in a way that makes sense.

4. Lack of Visual Appeal

The menu must reflect the restaurant’s style and concept. You can accomplish this by organizing the menu clearly and attractively. In addition, you should include images of the dishes since customers rely on visuals to help them make decisions.

5. Poor Menu Color Contrasts

Poor menu color contrasts can make it difficult for customers to read the menu items and prices, creating a confusing and unpleasant user experience. For example, a light gray font on a white background or black text on a navy blue background can be too difficult to decipher. To ensure maximum readability, create sufficient contrast using shades of black and white or yellow and green, or any other colors that provide enough of a visual difference.

6. Misrepresenting Prices & Offers

Double-check that prices on promotional items are the same as listed on the menu and indicate the timing of these promotions. Ensure that all pricing is transparent and up to date, and check if customer loyalty discounts are correctly applied. Another way to avoid this mistake is to use templates for menus to keep them organized.

Avoid Common Menu Design Errors

Overall, there are many common menu design errors to avoid for your restaurant’s success. By creating an appealing menu with models for success and sound design principles, you can help your customers easily connect with your offering. Try out a few menu design techniques and see how they work in your restaurant.

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