5 Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Are Full of Flavor

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From addiction recovery to weight loss, to New Years’ resolutions, there are plenty of reasons to quit drinking. But how do you quench that craving for a delicious cocktail or a craft beer?

Non-alcoholic drinks can sometimes be a bit of a bore. Luckily, there are plenty of good non-alcoholic drinks on the market; if you know where to find them.

Keeping your favorite non-alcoholic drinks on hand can be essential to staying away from booze. Keep reading, and we’ll give you a guide to 5 of the best non-alcoholic drinks that you can buy today.

1. Artisanal Soda

If you miss the fruity flavors and carbonation of prosecco cocktails, you should consider switching to artisanal soda. For example, a locally made sparkling lemonade is a great alternative to a French 75 or lemon drop. 

If you’re feeling nostalgic for happy hour margaritas, you can try some non-alcoholic Mexican drinks such as sparkling grapefruit soda or limeade. 

2. Supermalt

If you once preferred to drink beer, you can try Supermalt as an alternative to the many weak-tasting non-alcoholic beers that are on the market. Supermalt is brewed just like beer, so it has a very similar mouthfeel.

Supermalt has its own unique flavor that is similar to beer but does not imitate it. For more information about the flavor of Supermalt, check out niyis.co.uk.

3. Classic Mocktails

If you want something that looks and feels like a classic cocktail, look no further than the original mocktail, aka the “Shirley Temple.” This classic beverage takes carbonated non-alcoholic drinks to the next level.

The Shirley Temple is just one example of how you can imitate the aesthetic of a classic cocktail without alcohol. 

4. Elevated Slushies

Do you miss the indulgence of a frozen margarita or piña colada? You can get your frozen fix by making fancy slushies right in your own kitchen. 

You can easily buy frozen daiquiri or margarita syrup at your local supermarket and mix it with iced tea, juice, or water instead of liquor. You can also experiment and make your own slushie recipes from scratch.

5. Fresh Squeezed Fruit Juice

The simplest cocktail alternative is, of course, fresh-squeezed fruit juice. Fresh fruit juice is healthy, full of vibrant flavor, and you can make it easily in your own home. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can blend different types of fruit juice together to create a unique flavor. For blends of citrus flavor juices, consider adding a touch of black pepper and fresh herbs like mint or basil.

Get the Flavor You Crave With Non-Alcoholic Drinks

With these non-alcoholic drinks in your fridge, you won’t have any trouble staying away from the bars. Quench your thirst without missing your goals! 

Whatever your alcoholic beverage of choice used to be, there is sure to be a replacement you’ll love on the market.  For more health and wellness tips, check out the rest of our blog!

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