Why Should You Opt for a Sugar Substitute?

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Sugar can be harmful in different ways, and many people decide to switch over from sugar to a good substitute. Replacing sugar in your diet can change your life significantly, and even your doctor may recommend it.

Sugar is used in so many dishes and pre-packaged food that it may be hard for you initially to make the switch. However, the benefits of quitting sugar and having the best sugar substitute are pretty convincing.

Many people believe that sugar substitutes negatively affect your body, but most alternatives are completely FDA-approved and have no known side effects. So you can worry less when quitting sugar and using an alternative instead.

For Health Reasons

It hasn’t been a secret that doctors have warned about the detrimental effects of sugar on the human body. An excessive sugar intake can:

  • Cause your blood sugar to spike
  • Increase heart disease risk
  • Increase your weight
  • Lead to Type 2 Diabetes
  • Cause fluctuations in your mood, and even cause depression in extreme cases
  • Make you lose energy quicker
  • Lead to dental problems

With so many bad effects of sugar intake, it’s obvious why many people choose to significantly reduce their sugar intake or opt to use sugar substitutes instead. Using sugar substitutes have no side effects, and they taste similar to sugar.

Managing Your Diet

Sugar is high in calories, and a majority of those calories end up as fat on your body when not properly utilized. If you are trying to lose or maintain your present weight, cutting out sugar is the first step.

Sugar substitutes such as Swerve and Stevia provide the same sweetness to food and drinks but are extremely low in calories and do not add to your daily caloric intake significantly.

To Prevent Sugar Crashes

Intake of sugar increases your blood sugar, and this can cause you to feel more energetic and even hyper for a few hours after you consume your sugary drink or food.

Once the sugar starts to wear off, you become inexplicably tired and groggy, and this is known as a sugar crash. Sugar crashes can also lead you to consume more sugar to make you feel energetic again, which becomes a harmful cycle of sugar consumption.

The best sugar substitute won’t spike your blood sugar significantly, and some alternatives do not affect your blood sugar level at all. This prevents you from getting a sugar crash and reaching for more sugar.

The Right Sugar Substitute for You

Due to sugar-related diseases and lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, obesity, kidney problems, etc., there are many sugar substitutes available in the markets today.

All sugar substitutes are different, and some can only be used for specific purposes. Some are derived from natural processes, while others are synthetically manufactured.

Examples of sugar alternatives are Splenda, Stevia, Saccharin, and Monk Fruit. Finding the suitable substitute may be a process, but when you find the right alternative, you won’t even miss regular sugar anymore.

Switching over from sugar to an alternative can even cause withdrawal effects if you regularly consume a significant amount of sugar, so be cautious and listen to your body when you’re trying to leave sugar for a better alternative.

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