Why Brick Oven Pizza Is So Good

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Did you know that forty percent of Americans eat pizza at least once per week?

Even though pizza was invented in Italy many centuries ago, it has become one of the most important foods in North America. Unfortunately, much of the pizza that Americans eat is of lower quality than it used to be. One of the reasons for this is that fewer and fewer businesses sell brick oven pizza.

If you want to find out why it’s so important to use brick ovens for pizza, keep reading and we will tell you everything that you need to know.

Why It’s So Important to Use Brick Ovens for Pizza

In order to make the perfect pizzas, traditional pizza restaurant use brick ovens that have temperatures that are up to seven hundred degrees Fahrenheit. This means that it’s possible for them to cook a pizza in two minutes or less.

Therefore, people who use brick ovens for pizza are able to create pizzas that have an elastic dough that is also tender and fragrant. The toppings also get cooked to perfection.

Why Brick Ovens Work So Well

One of the reasons why brick ovens are such a great method for cooking pizza is because of the thermal conductivity of the bricks and how effectively they transmit heat to the dough.

There is a big difference between the thermal conductivity of steel ovens and brick ovens. Brick ovens heat pizzas much more slowly than steel ovens do. This means that the crust of pizzas in brick ovens does not get as hot as pizza crusts that get placed in steel ovens.

This means that the ingredients on top of pizzas have more time to cook in brick ovens than in steel ovens. Steel ovens also tend to burn pizza crusts before the cheese even gets melted. On the other hand, ingredients that get cooked in brick ovens usually finish cooking at the exact same time.

Brick Ovens Preserve Natural Flavors

Most people who cook pizzas in brick ovens use firewood or coals to heat their ovens. This gives the pizzas unique and traditional tastes that other kinds of pizzas don’t have.

Sadly, it is becoming more difficult to find restaurants that still make brick oven pizzas. This is why so many people feel frustrated when they go out searching for “brick oven pizza near me.”

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Find the Best Brick Oven Pizza Today

It is getting harder and harder to find the best possible brick oven pizza. Pizzas that are made in brick ovens tend to be perfectly cooked and have the finest flavors.

If you want to find out more about how to make the best pizza, make sure that you check out the Recipes section of our blog.

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