What to Include on Your Summer Cookout Menu

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With the summer sun in the sky, who wants to sit inside?

Plan a cookout to enjoy the nice weather with people you love. Set up your yard with a grill, picnic tables, lawn games, and a menu to die for!

Set your menu to a theme everybody will love! Keep reading to learn what to put on your cookout menu this summer.

Seafood Bake

Something about the warm, fresh breeze makes people crave seafood. Spoil your guests with an amazing seafood bake for your summer cookout.

Begin with stone crabs and butterflied lobster tails. Grill them over medium heat for about 5 minutes per side. Serve them with homemade mustard to add a little zip to the meal.

Fill large foil pans with water, butter, and seasoning. Fill them with sacks that each contain a baker’s dozen of littleneck clams. Serve with clarified butter.

Serve a side of potatoes lyonnaise. This French dish brings a touch of warmth from the butter and freshness from the parsley.

Don’t leave out corn on the cob and creamy spinach. Find out how to make these sides on this stone crab recipe sheet.

Pig Roast

Another fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors is to host a pig roast. Go to a local farm for a pig to roast on a spit.

Give the meal a little snap with a fresh green bean salad. Add sliced tomatoes, sweet onion, oil, vinegar, and seasoning to taste.

Pork and apples make an amazing pair. Bakes apples with butter, cinnamon, and sugar will bring an element of sweetness to your cookout.


Barbeques bring out the best of soul food. Grill honey-glazed chicken thighs and barbeque spareribs on the grill. 

Add slices of hardboiled egg to the macaroni salad and zingy mustard to your potatoes salad. Serve sticky cornbread with salted butter. 

Want to add an element of freshness? Refrigerate slices of fresh watermelon overnight and serve them cold.


Whether you want to say hello to the summer or wish it goodbye in September, a luau makes the perfect party. Ask your guests to dress for the occasion.

Grill tuna steaks so that they sear on the top and stay pink in the middle. Prepare pineapple mango salsa for your topper.

Serve grilled chicken kababs. Add fresh pineapple, peppers, and onions to the kababs.

If you want to take a traditional route, take the time to prepare Lomi Lomi Salmon and kalua pork as well. These dishes take time do not require grilling, but your guests will enjoy the authenticity.

Use baked sweet potatoes for a Hawaiian take on potato salad. Season the entire night with music and dancing!


Summer beverages should refresh your guests. They bring a little sweetness, a touch of tang, and a blast of cold. 

Homemade lemonade with your favorite garden herb is always a crowd-pleaser. You might also enlist your blender for daiquiris or Pina Coladas!

Make Your Cookout Menu Amazing

Summer is something to celebrate. Get outside with the people you care about and feast on delicious food.

Do not skimp! Make your cookout menu amazing and complete, leaving no detail behind!

We want your food to taste amazing! Find delicious recipes for your cookout on our website!


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