The Typical Asian Style Of Cooking Braised Salmon Head

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Salmon can be cooked in many ways and different style but cooking Braised Salmon Head with Soy Sauce (หัว ปลา แซลมอน ต้ม ซี อิ้ , which is the term in Thai) in typical Asian style is something which grabs the attention of salmon lover. They prepare this dish in a very delicate way with so many ingredients and it takes a lot of effort and skill to cook. Some highly skillful chefs focus more on delicacy rather than opting for the different methods of cooking salmon.

Ingredients Require For Braised Salmon Head

To cook Braised Salmon Head With Soy sauce you will need two or three salmon heads, make sure each head is cut into two pieces. A cooking pot, half bowl of cooking oil, a few fresh gingers, 5-6 branches of green onions, one or two fresh red or green chili, 2 carrots and make sure they are piled and cut into a standard size. 

A couple of branches of leek, around 1-2 liter of fresh water. A small bowl of Japanese soy sauce and 3 tablespoons of back soy sauce and the same amount of brown sugar. Few drops of honey, salt according to the taste and you can add some other ingredient as well as per your preference. 

How to prepare the braised salmon head?

  • Start with chopping the ginger and green onions, you can add some green chilies as well, take a pot and add some cooking oil into the pot.
  • Put all the chopped ginger, chili, add green onions to the pot, and stir until you find it dark brown. Now add some water and salmon simultaneously, cook for another 5-6 minutes. Make sure you separate all the bubbles from the dish you are preparing.
  • Now half the job has been done, you can add some carrot as well if you want and then add soy sauce. It could be black soy sauce, Japanese soy sauce, or any other soy sauce. Add some honey, brown sugar, salt according to the taste, and cook for another 10-12 minutes.
  • If you want you can add some fresh mushrooms but make sure after adding anything you have to cook for another 4-5 minutes to minimize the rawness of additional vegetables.

Once the salmon is cooked completely, take the dish out from the pot and put it on a plate, put the sauce on the plate on the top of it, sprinkle some coriander and green onions on top, and here it is ready to serve in the table.

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