The Perfect Choice of exotic fruits for You

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The exotic fruit is now joined the local and international supply. Its colors and particular tastes have brought a breath of fresh air to the tables of even the most skeptical and suspicious. On the other hand, exotic fruit is rich in useful properties that are not always found in the same quantities in our typical products. Tropical fruits are nutritious and true concentrates of vitamins and minerals.

Exotic fruit allied to well-being


The Pineapple is one of the most consumed by the exotic fruits. The plant is grown mainly in South America and the two countries with the largest production are Brazil and Paraguay. The fruit was discovered by Christopher Columbus, but was brought to Europe only in 1700.  L ‘ pineapple is used a lot in that sweet Italian food, juicy, digestible and in hot weather its freshness is much appreciated. It also has many properties useful for the human body:

  • Is a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Facilitates digestion
  • It is rich in potassium, vitamins C and A and carotenol.

It is also considered an excellent weapon against cellulite, as it deflates, improves circulation and eliminates water retention.


Among the most popular exotic fruit in the West we find the mango. Its flavor is reminiscent of a mix of pineapple, orange and peach. Originally from India where it is considered sacred, it is now cultivated in all tropical areas. Its shape is oval and its typical color is yellow-orange.

Mango is used for its nutritional values ​​and properties, as well as for taste. It is an energizing fruit because it contains both vitamin C and trace minerals that help fight fatigue. It helps to replenish vitamins and minerals and low in calories; it is considered an anticancer because it contains lupeol, which protects the heart and helps circulation. It has vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, it is useful for enhancing memory and concentration.

  • Effective against heart disease
  • Aids general well-being, skin, and bone and teeth health.
  • Promotes sleep, has laxative properties, is rich in iron and low in fat.

In addition, it eliminates the sense of hunger and is therefore highly appreciated by those who intend to undergo a diet.

Less known exotic fruit, but always beneficial


Less famous among the exotic fruit, but equally beneficial is the Feijoa. It is an evergreen, grown mainly in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate there are some plantations in Liguria, but they are for decorative purposes rather than for culinary uses. The Feijoa fruit has an elongated shape and its flavor resembles a mixture of pineapple and strawberry.

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