Sydney Tea’s Sleep Easy Chamomile Selection

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Ready to count some sheep?

Chamomile. The name alone conveys a fresh, almost brisk aroma, and a sweetly soothing flavour. And one of the best effects of chamomile? A nice solid, rejuvenating sleep! Sydney Tea has an awesome Premium Chamomile selection to choose from, ready to supply you with that sleep you need. So, let us take a look at chamomile, this incredible ingredient, and how Sydney Tea’s tea collection can help you hit the hay the right way.

Chamomile’s history and health benefits

Our modern English word “chamomile” comes from the Greek word, “chamaimelon” meaning “earth apple”. A fitting name, because Sydney Tea’s chamomile certainly is reminiscent of the sweet, subtly brisk and refreshing flavor of apples and then some! Sydney Tea’s chamomile is much more than just refreshing, it is produced from Egyptian chamomile. Certified organic Egyptian chamomile. Egypt produces some of the finest chamomile in the world and it has long had a spiritual and medicinal role in Egyptian society. In the Nile delta, chamomile was attested to back in 1550 BC in the Ebers Papyrus, an antiquated codex that mentions some of chamomile’s health and spiritual benefits. In ancient Egypt, this wonderful herb was used as an offering to the gods, was used in embalming rituals and practices and was also used medicinally. Gods, humans and the dead all enjoyed the benefits, aroma, flavor and effects of chamomile. Talk about a popular herb!

Now, let’s take a look at just how much of a panacea chamomile can be for us living folk! Firstly, chamomile’s most famous attribute. Sleep. Some studies have shown that chamomile can reduce anxiety and aid in relaxation. So whether you plan on counting sheep right away or are just trying to slow down your pace for the day, chamomile is your drink of choice. Some other potential benefits of Chamomile include reducing menstrual pain. This one may also help assist in reducing the anxiety and pain that can result from the menstrual cycle, too. Chamomile is good for bones. Some studies have suggested that chamomile helps to slow and possibly prevent osteoporosis. Chamomile has also been found to reduce inflammation and can help fight off infections, arthritis and in some cases even depression.And make sure to give your chamomile a few nice deep inhalations of its vapors, because some studies suggest that the steam from chamomile tea can help pacify some cold symptoms. This makes chamomile an ideal drink if you feel a cold or other illness coming on. Not only can it help your body recover by aiding in pleasant sleep, but can also potentially help to ease some of the more bothersome symptoms of illness.

Sydney Tea’s chamomile catalogue

Sydney tea only provides the best, and this is no different with our selection of chamomile tea! From our premium selection featuring ancient and noble chamomile from Egypt to our blends including some innervating peppermint, Sydney tea has three great teas to choose from. Or, why not sample all three?

Organic Chamomile Premium

Imagine it. After traveling across mountainous dunes of sand in the hot sun, in a seemingly endless sea of sand. Suddenly, a wafting gentle and soothing breeze makes its way from the distance. You crest a dune to see before you a sprawling, majestic and sacred city complex along the banks of a river. Incredible flowers and plants and rare animals congregate and have sprung up everywhere. You enter the city’s bustling market place, half inoculated from the various scents and aromas from exotic spices, the glittering appearance of jewelry and luxury items beyond your deepest imaginings. But it’s as you pass by a small shop, one emitting the refreshing vapors of a drink you have not yet had that draws you in. You enter and are greeted by a shopkeeper who, without question, offers you a cup where some of the serene steam is wafting from. You question not whether to drink it, sipping cautiously as the hot aroma fills your nostrils and a purifying sleep takes over. You awake in your home. wondering if it had been a dream or not.But, the lingering and purifying scent of that same beverage sits on your night stand! Okay, perhaps this is just a fanciful imagining of how enjoying our chamomile might go, but what can be certain is that Sydney Tea’s selection is truly sublime and worthy of some tall tales. To purchase, click here.

Organic Relax & Unwind

Let Sydney Tea lull you to better relaxation and sleep with our Organic Relax & Unwind. From both polar ends of the African continent we have the finest Egyptian chamomile in harmony with South Africa’s own rooibos. This caffeine-free blend is perfect for taking things slow and winding down a bit. The deep and almost savory taste of rooibos melds with the uplifting and soothing taste of chamomile to create a superb sleep enhancing tea. Rooibos provides our bodies with amazing health boosting effects like antioxidants that keep us looking and feeling young. Both our chamomile and rooibos are certified organic and high grade.

Organic Sleep Easy

And another amazing tea blend with sublime ingredients from Egypt. Sydney Teahas prepared certified organic chamomile flowers and peppermint leaves, two superb ingredients used for centuries for healing and to assist even the most fitful of sleepers with a restful night. The cooling and refreshing taste of the peppermint greets you first before the sweet, smooth and floral flavor and aroma of the chamomile helps you ease into a state of tranquility and deep slumber which results in an awake, aware and fully refreshed morning. To purchase, click here.

Chamomile, a tea for pleasant dreams!

This ancient Egyptian ingredient has persevered through the ages as an aid to sleep, for healing and even for religious rituals. Sydney tea has prepared an excellent series of chamomile teas to choose from. All three of our selections are certified organic and ready to get you to rest. Try our chamomile blends such as chamomile rooibos for some extra antioxidants, or our amazing peppermint and chamomile blend, a nod to Egyptian ingredients in their incredible and ancient glory. All courtesy of Sydney Tea!

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