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Lobster tails are sweet and a decadent dish that is the star of every platter. When you make lobster tails, chances are it is a special occasion. Therefore, you need something equally mouthwatering to serve on the side. Continue reading to learn more about the perfect side dishes that complement your lobster tails.

Mashed Potatoes: Who does not like comfort food like mashed potatoes with lobster tails? Making mashed potatoes is incredibly easy. All you need to do is boil the potatoes and add butter and milk to the bowl of boiled potatoes. Then smash the ingredients together and add salt to taste. You may even add cheese, black paper, and freshly cut coriander to enhance the flavors of mashed potatoes. If you are not a fan of creamy mashed, you may decide to go for baked potatoes with a similar feel. Potato salad is another alternative that features potatoes and pairs great with lobster tails.

Green Veggies: Once you are done making your mashed potatoes, you might want something more that perfectly complements your Florida lobster tails. The lobster tails from Florida are of superior quality and need special attention. You may decide to bake the tails in butter, boil them or grill them to perfection. While you are grilling the tails, you may also grill your favorite veggies.

  • Sweet corn is one of the favorite side dishes that can be served with decadent lobster tails. Corn on the cob is easy to serve. Add plenty of butter to the cob before you serve it, along with the lobster.
  • You may also decide to fry the veggies to add more flavor to them. For example, broccoli, green peas, and carrots can be stir-fried before serving.

Bread: Your guest may expect bread of some sort when you serve them with lobster tails. Bread can be filling and comes in different varieties. For example, Indian stuffed nuns will complement your juicy lobster tails perfectly. You may also make biscuits that are crunchy on the outside while tender on the inside.

Mac And Cheese: You need something comforting and sweet to pair with those amazing lobster tails. Therefore, Mac and Cheese might be the right option for you. Pasta is always a filling dish that makes you want more. The dish is easy to make and can be served on almost all occasions.

Steamed Rice: Are you one of those people who love rice with everything? If yes, you are in luck! Steamed white rice works great with lobster tails. All you need is a rice cooker and patience, and your steamed rice is made. This dish is easy to make and does not overpower your lobster tails. If you want more variety, you can make sticky fried rice to enjoy with the yummy lobster tails. You can add freshly cut veggies and eggs to your sticky rice.

Coleslaw: Coleslaw is another veggie dish that is incredibly easy to make and tastes delicious with lobster tails. The dish adds tanginess to the sweetness of lobster tails. The contrasting flavors work well to create a perfect experience for you. It works especially well in summer when one wants creamy veggies on their plates.

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