Salmon: The most loved health food

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Fishes are the creatures that have a spot in the food chain in the wild as well as for humans. It is among the popular food products and also the primary food in the coastal areas. Different types of fishes are included in the human diet and salmon is often considered the reigning king of them all. A variety of dishes are prepared with salmon that can serve all your meals from breakfast to dinner. It is a nutrition-packed food that fits in all your meals. This makes salmon one of the most popular health food around the world. You can find specialized stores like the Huon Aquaculture in Australia, which provides various salmon products including recipes. Salmon can be cooked in different ways, be it baking, frying, roasting, or any other which is why it is easy to include it in your diet. It is also among the favorites of world-class chefs and dieticians. Let us know a little more about this power-food.


  • Why is it so much loved?


In the present day and age, the world is aggressively moving towards a healthy eating approach. This is the biggest reason why people are so fond of salmon. It is an important component of the Mediterranean diet which is considered the healthful one. It is believed to help in managing widespread health issues like diabetes, heart problems, weight issues, and depression. It is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and has a synergistic combination of calcium and vitamin D which helps in maintaining good overall health. It is rich in contents that are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Its protein contents are similar to beef but in much leaner form. All these attributes make salmon a must inclusion in your diet.


  • Health concerns


Some people argue that salmon contains dioxins and methylmercury which are associated with health concerns. Dioxins are the byproduct of waste management processes and are also produced in fires and volcanoes in the natural form. Methylmercury is a toxic substance that is formed by the reaction of bacteria with mercury. The presence of these two components raises questions of the edibility of salmon. However, the fact is, these components are naturally found in all fishes including salmon. But researchers have conducted the benefit-risk analysis of salmon and have found the benefits to outweigh the risks. Despite the minor risks of the two above mentioned compounds, salmon is one of the most healthy food.


  • Having salmon daily


Most studies are based on a weekly consumption of two to three servings of salmon. This does not mean that you cannot have it daily. There is no evidence of any adverse effect of eating salmon every day. However, it is advised for pregnant women to stick to 8-12 ounce per week. Some people binge on the fish daily assuming that it will give them an edge. However, nothing has proven that eating salmon daily has any added benefits. Also, if you are consuming the fish regularly, you need to be sure that the fish is sourced from a responsible store. It is important to ensure that the contamination is minimum and the benefit-risk ratio is maintained.

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