Properly Handling Seafood

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Whether you catch your own fish or buy it from your local market, you need to understand how to handle it properly and safely. Although there are many types of seafood on the market, they are all highly perishable, and you need to follow these guidelines to ensure they stay fresh.

Keep It Cold

How long your fish lasts is based on what you do right after you purchase it. First, make sure that seafood is the last thing you put in your cart on your shopping trip. Then, once you pay for it, use a cooler with ice for the drive home. If you catch your own fish, do not let them sit out in the sun. Instead, immediately bury them in an ice-water mixture. As soon as you get home, you need to stash it in the coldest part of your fridge. If no part is colder than the rest, set your fridge to operate at less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Store It Properly

Fresh fish filets will need to be used within two days of their arrival in your refrigerator. Fresh shellfish will need to be used within 10 days of purchasing them. If you’re not going to use these items within this timeline, you can freeze them for use later.

Cook It Right

While you may not be as good as your favorite chef who cooks seafood Plano, TX, you still need to ensure that you cook your fish correctly. Be sure that you cook fish filets until they are flaky and opaque. Scallops and shrimp will be opaque and firm. Shellfish, such as clams, oysters, and muscles will plump up, and their shells will start to open when they are ready. Lobsters and crabs that are fully cooked will have opaque flesh and bright red shells. You must follow this guideline to avoid any illness you could get from eating undercooked seafood.

From keeping it cold right after your purchase to cooking it fully, you need to handle your seafood properly. This will ensure that you avoid any illnesses from mishandled fish.

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