Nutritional Value of soya chunks

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Vegetarians take advantage of nutrela soya granules in the place of consumption of meat. It also helps them in meeting the alternative nutritional needs of the body. Nutrela chunks songs are made from soybeans. They are a well-known meat substitute. You can find them as regular songs, mini chunks, and granules.

Complete protein

These nutrela chunks are of complete proteins and are meat alternatives. They have essential amino acids present in them. You might have studied that amino acids are the building blocks of protein. You have to understand that protein is a macronutrient which the body needs in large amounts for repairing cells, immune function and the growth of muscles. An ounce of soya contains 25 grams of protein. Comparatively more than the same size of meat and eggs. The advisable intake of protein is 56 grams for men and 46 grams for women.


This one major factor that strongly distinguishes meat and meat alternatives is the carbohydrate. Regular meat that we consume is carbohydrate. Nutrela chunks contain a lot of carbohydrates. 1 ounce of soya chunks contains 10 grams of carbohydrates. The Recommended Intake of carbohydrate is 130 grams for an adult. We must have lunch in our primary classes that carbohydrate is a primary source of energy for the human body. It is essentially very important for the athletes who work out for an extended period of time.


Calories in food are obtained from the proteins carbohydrates and the fat. Most of the calories are gained from the proteins and carbohydrates as the fat content is very low in the nutrela soya granules.


Iron greatly helps the human body to transport the oxygen-carrying the electrolyte mineral. Iron deficiency can lead to weakness in fatigue and a compromised immune system. Soya chunks have a very high content of iron. One ounce of soya chunks contains 10 grams of iron. Teenage boys and females above the age of age will need 8 milligrams of iron a day. One serving of it can do the needful.


It is another important and essential electrolyte that is very much required to strengthen the bones and teeth. It also helps with muscle contractions. One ounce of it contains 200 milligrams of calcium. Women aged over 51 and men aged over 71 should get 1200 milligrams of calcium a day.

Preparation tips

The first step is to soak and boil and squeeze dry the Nutrela Chunks and Granules individually. Take a dish base and apply butter thereon.

Spread Nutrela soybean chunks or granules thereon equally and apply condiments on it for flavor. You can place Nutrela soybean plant Chunks and vegetables of your alternative – sliced onions, capsicum, and corn and eventually grate cheese over it. Sprinkle salt, pepper, mixed herbs and oregano as per style.

Bake the dish at one hundred eighty °c from ten to fifteen minutes within the kitchen appliance and serve Hot. This curry is best served when the chunks absorb the flavors. If time permits, chunks can be marinated with ginger-garlic, red chili pepper powder, and Garam Masala and left for a half-hour. It’ll facilitate them to soak up the flavor. You’ll be able to additionally add some peas to the curry as well.


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