Learn About Various Types of Potatoes and Their Classifications Based on their Features 

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The possibilities of preparing potato in different forms are endless. This vegetable’s versatility is astounding, as it can be fried, roasted, boiled, mashed, steamed, or baked. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most widely consumed crops worldwide. Potato is the main staple food for various homes. 

It is used in so many of our favorite cuisines, and it can blend meals in perfect harmony. Whether it is mashed with cheese or roasted until golden brown into hot chips, the list goes on. Potatoes are a fantastic household staple that can be used in a variety of tasty ways, but how do you choose the perfect potato for your mash, stew, dish, or roast?

Potato USA is an official guide to potato nutrition. The research center is based in Denver, Colorado, representing over 2,000 potato producers and handlers across the USA. A group of potato producers founded Potatoes USA in 1971 to promote the health benefits of eating potatoes. They have declared that potato is not just any ordinary staple food, but it has many nutrients that a person can think of. 

There are approximately 200 varieties of potatoes cultivated in the United States, which can be divided into a variety of classes based on their texture and functionality. This may raise problems about how to choose the best potato for dishes. 

We have mentioned some information to provide about different types of potatoes –

Types of Potatoes 

In the USA potatoes are classified into 7 different types based on their shape and color –

  • Russet potatoes are huge potatoes that have rough brown skin and are pale from the inside.
  • Blue-Purple potatoes have a dark purple or blue skin with a purple tinge inside.
  • Yukon Gold potatoes are distinguished by their thin gold skin and yellowish color.
  • Red Bliss potatoes are distinguished by their thin red peel with the inside being pale.
  • French Fingerling potatoes are little tubular potatoes with a range of skin and flesh.
  • Yellow-white potatoes have a thin skin that is brown or tan being pale underneath.
  • New potatoes are young potatoes picked early in the season. Their skin is thin and fragile, and their flesh is creamy. They are also known as baby potatoes and come in a variety of shades.

Use of Potatoes 

Based on their texture, potatoes are used in different ways and classified accordingly –


The carbohydrate content of starchy potatoes is high, and the flesh is dry and gritty. Because the potato’s inside is dry, it crumbles and breaks down easily, making it suitable for preparing mashed or baked potatoes.


Waxy potatoes have creamy flesh with high moisture content and less starch. These potatoes sometimes have a thin peel and do not need to be washed before cooking. Waxy potatoes, unlike starchy potatoes, do not disintegrate while cooking.


All-purpose potatoes are the most basic of all potatoes. They have a moderate amount of starch, which gives them a fluffy texture when mashed or cooked. They contain a medium water content, which helps them to keep their shape even after being boiled, roasted, or pan cooked.

Potatoes are not only delicious, but they also have some health benefits. If your kid loves potatoes in all meals, don’t hesitate to give them. 


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