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New York City is popular for its scenic and breathtaking views from the top of the Empire State Building among other tourist attractions. Apart from that, NYC offers locals as well as tourists a great opportunity to try various Korean cuisines.

Whether you are on a vacation in Korea or have decided to visit one of the prestigious K-food restaurants in New York City, one thing is for sure; Korean food is tantalizing. As much as the preparation of cuisines may vary from one restaurant to the other, various ingredients will remain constant in every K-food joint.

In this article, we are going to discuss the various ingredients that would never miss in a k-food restaurant.

Let’s delve into specifics.

  • Condiments

Some people use condiments to add to food after cooking, while others use them during food preparation.

In Korean cuisine, soy sauce is one of the main condiments. You will need it to prepare a variety of dishes.

There are two types of soy sauce used in the preparation of Korean dishes: Gukganjang, which is mostly used in the preparation of soups because it is saltier and junganjang which is sweeter and used as an all-purpose condiment.

However, if you want to experiment with Korean dishes at home, do not use soy sauce if you suffer from high blood pressure. Soy sauce contains high levels of sodium that may worsen your condition.

The same applies to other medical conditions that require you to avoid sodium.

Other condiments that made Korean foods tantalizing include a paste of both Korean chili pepper and Korean soybean.

  • Spices

Asian foods are generally spicy. It is the main reason why spices are a stable additive in Korean cuisine.

K-food restaurants in NYC add a dash of ginger, garlic, and Korean chili pepper (also known as kochukaru)whichgive the meals extra flavor.

Garlic, for example, is used either whole or minced. Minced garlic will be used as a seasoning while whole garlic cloves are mostly used to prepare soups and stews.

  • Grains and vegetables

A Korean meal is incomplete without the use of short-grain rice, otherwise known as ssal. Ssal is a staple ingredient for the Koreans. K-food lovers will eat ssal with almost every meal of the day.

Additionally, most Korean dishes make use of plant-based such as sesame seeds, sesame seed oil, and dried seaweed sheets to makes the meal more delicious. For instance, the sesame oil is drizzled on cooked food to give it a unique flavor and the roasted sesame seeds make the food crunchy while giving it a nutty flavor.

The above ingredients are not the only ingredients used in the preparation of Korean food. If you are looking to have a fully-stocked Korean pantry, you will need to get more ingredients. However, this is a good place to start. With the above ingredients, you can make a variety of tasty k-foods for your family and loved ones. Do not forget to wash down the deliciousness with a glass of Korean’s most popular alcoholic beverage, Soju! Book a food tour new york ny to visit the best of best restaurants in the city. 

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