How strong are plastic containers to store hot contents?

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Plastic containers are the main storage and packaging items relied upon worldwide as either single-use/disposable or multi-use/durable containers. Besides their convenience, plastic containers are significantly strong hence their application into different uses including content storage. The versatility of a plastic container is dependent on the type of material used ranging from carbon, hydrogen, oxygen to nitrogen and sulphur that are building blocks.

Some of the most popular storage plastic containers are transparent to allow easy identification of items. They are also made durable. Moreover, they are lightweight, thus making them portable and comparatively easy to handle. Some plastics are also bacteria-resistant. This attribute makes them ideal for food packaging because they ensure the food is safe.

How strong is plastic to store hot content?

When purchasing a plastic container for storage of hot content, you have to look out for the material making it because it impacts its strength. Moreover, you should consider the level of safety you need concerning food content. For instance, there is a rising concern over the storage of food in plastic containers because when heated, they leach chemical content.

This is why most people use a glass or ceramic container instead of using the plastic one. As such, if you must use a plastic container, go for the heavy-duty type that can withstand high heat.

To effectively determine the strength of a plastic container, be sure to check out its resin identification code, which ranges between 1 and 7. The plastic coded 3 comprises of vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) while number 6 has polystyrene. The number 7, on the other hand, is made of various plastic materials that include Bisphenol A (BPA).

It is ill-advised to heat food stored in plastic containers, let alone pour hot food in them. Although some manufacturers indicate “microwave safe” on some containers, it is imperative to note that most containers often leach chemicals with the slightest heat application. Moreover, some plastic containers, such as the takeaway containers, are made to be microwaved once. To be safe, it is imperative that you buy high-quality BPA free plastic that is made as food grade to ensure the safety of your content. You should also get rid of every scratched, peeled, or worn-out plastic container for further safety.

A premium quality heavy-duty plastic container can efficiently hold cold food that is intended to retain the coolness. Since plastic is a non-conductor of heat, you need not be worried about losing heat during the storage stage.

Evidently, plastic is a good material for making storage containers. However, it leaches when exposed to heat, which means that it’s not an effective way of storing hot content. Nonetheless, you can use heavy-duty superior quality plastic containers to hold hot food although microwaving is inconsiderable. Poor quality plastic storage containers may even melt when a hot substance (especially liquid) is poured into them. Always look out for the material used to make the plastic you choose by checking the code number indicated at the bottom of the container.

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