A Complete Guide To Buy Dates In Bulk

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Dates are very nutritious. As they are high fibrous food, intake of dates improves overall health development. Dates have a very sweet taste. So these natural sweeteners can be added to any food. As there are many health benefits provided by dates, it is better to buy bulk dates

There are many varieties of dates, let’s see a few of them.


Medjool, the dates with fresh and tender skin. These dates not only have a unique flavor but also supply antioxidants and useful nutrients to the body. 

Deglet Noor

These long slender dates have thick skin and are light brown. Deglet Noor dates can be a replacement for sugar and sweeteners as they have high sugar content. These dates are high in fiber and have thick skin. 


These oval-shaped dates have gold skin. Zahidi has less sugar content when compared to others. These are high fiber dates and can also be a replacement for Sugars and sweeteners. 


Aseel is semi-dry and also has dark brown skin. These dates are rich in fiber food and help in curing health problems like constipation, heart problems, diarrhea. 

These are a few types of dates. To buy bulk dates you need to know a few criteria.

How To Choose the Best Date to Buy in Bulk

  • Freshness

Dates are not fruits that need to be bought frequently. They have a long rack life and can be stored for many days. Before you decide to buy bulk dates make sure they will be fresh for longer periods.

  • Skin and Texture

While buying bulk dates choose the ones that have shiny skin and are not wrinkled.

  • Crystallization

If you find any sign of crystallization, avoid those dates. This type of dates may lose their freshness quickly. 

  • Packing

Before packing, dates are dried naturally under the sun. So, the dates will be dry but there are chances of moisture being present while packing. Before you buy bulk dates, ensure that the packaging is perfectly done without any presence of moisture. 

  • Price

Price is also an important aspect to be considered while buying bulk dates. Comparing the above-mentioned dates, Medjool is the most expensive type and Zahidi is the cheapest one. Although the prices are different, the nutrients supplied by these dates are very important for the body and also to cure diseases. 

So, no matter what type of dates you buy, make sure they are meeting your nutrient needs and your budget needs.

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