How Can You Make A Perfect Garlic Powder?

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How Can You Make A Perfect Garlic Powder

The process of cooking involves the use of many ingredients. You must have better knowledge about the recipes. There are some recipes where you are required to put garlic clove. It brings a taste of pure garlic, which is overwhelming. It brings up the actual taste and makes it a perfect dish. Sometimes, you may run out of garlic powder, but no need to get worried about it. You can make a perfect garlic power atyour home itself.

Before knowing the recipe to make garlic powder, you must know the ingredient well. It is a dehydrated and grounded form of garlic. It brings the essence of garlic to your dish. Hence, you must follow the recipes very carefully.

How To Prepare Garlic Powder?

The raw garlic cloves are used to prepare garlic powder. The manufacturing process of garlic powder is very easy, and the companies follow the best preparation method. The technology has been a blessing to all as garlic powder making becomes easier and less time talkingwith the freeze and drying method. Here are the steps to be followed for preparing garlic powder :

  • The first step is to remove the bulb from the clove and peeling of the transparent skin. Cleaning garlic cloves is the most important task for having healthy food.
  • The next step is to heat the garlic cloves at a certain temperature. The method of dehydration is essential to bring it in a powdered form. The process of dehydration removes up to 6.5 percent of moisture.
  • Then, the process is followed by slicing, chopping, and mincing to bring it in the size of small particles.

The garlic powder preparation can be done at home as well. In the large manufacturing industries, it takes very little time to create bottles of processed garlic powder in machines.

How Much Garlic Powder Equals One Clove?

Garlic powder brings out the actual taste of the dish. Most dishes require the use of garlic to make it a complete dish. Garlic powder is the substitute for small garlic cloves. If you are using the powdered form, then put 1/8thof a small teaspoon because it is equal to onegarlic clove. Do not use more powder as the balance of the taste of your dish can become upside down.

What Are The Uses Of Garlic Powder?

Garlic is one of the most popular ingredients that is used to create so many dishes. It is used worldwide to create unique cuisines. It is mostly used in processes such as marination, dressings, cooking, etc. It is especially used to cook foods like marinades, soups, salads, and sauces.

The famous beachside and roadside restaurants use garlic powder in preparing pork, pan-fried meat, and hamburgers. Mostly baked and grilled dishes must have a blend of garlic powder to enhance their taste. Tacos also include the use of powdered garlic. Hence, garlic powder is considered a universal spice for preparing authentic recipes.

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