Do You Want To Try The Best Vegan Burgers In Los Angeles?

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Burgers are the ultimate comfort food that brings a smile to people’s faces. Americans love their burger so much that they can eat these at any time of the day. But good vegan burgers are hard to find in Los Angeles. Only a few hidden gems are there that serve delicious burgers with plant-based patties.

5 Scrumptious Vegan Variety Of Burgers:

If anyone tastes a juicy delicious pulled mushroom burger or a truffle burger once, they will never miss meat burgers for sure. Here are 5 burgers with plant-based patties that taste heavenly.

  • Smashed Truffle Burger: Truffle has a distinct, earthy flavor that goes surprisingly well in a burger. With grilled mushrooms and onions, these burger has the special touch of shaved truffles and truffle aioli.
  • Smashed Onion Burger: Two vegan patties in a soft, oven-fresh bun with grilled onion and vegan cheese is a combination to die for. Even meat lovers will enjoy this tasty and juicy burger.
  • Smashed Mushroom & Swiss Burger: A loaded burger with grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, and vegan patties is a delicious option. Loaded with smoked vegan cheese and tangy pickles make it an absolute treat.
  • BBQ Pulled Mushroom Burger: Anyone who loves a pulled pork burger will find the BBQ pulled mushroom burger equally amazing. The shredded mushroom has a stringy, meaty texture that goes extremely well with the smoky BBQ sauce.
  • Double Classic Burger: This huge burger has two plant-based patties and two slices of vegan American cheese, crunchy onions, and pickles. The freshly made bun and special sauce make it finger-licking good.

Smash Me Baby is the new vegan burger place in LA, that has excellent customer reviews. They serve one of the best vegan burgers in LA.  Note down their location and timings-

6110 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Hours: Monday –Sunday, 10:30am-11:30pm

Summing Up: 

There is a variety of meat-free burger patties available on the supermarket shelves. But they are pretty dry and tasteless. There is nothing like a freshly made patty and brioche bun. Patties made with the best ingredients and freshly ground spices, can be tastier and healthier than meat varieties.

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