Chipotle Bowl: How Do You Wish To Take Yours?

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Chipotle Bowl

For food lovers, Chipotle Bowl is not a new name. However, for a detailed idea, Chipotle bowl is a complete meal containing black beans, sweet corn, tomato salsa, chicken and a lot of guacamole. Now, this combination might leave several calorie-conscious people pondering about this lip-smacking dish.  

The best part is that you can customize your Chipotle bowl by adding or removing a few ingredients. For example, the amount of guacamole may vary depending on your choice. 

You can also remove chicken from this dish and add steaks instead. In a nutshell, loaded with nutrition and taste, this complete meal can assume different forms based on the consumer’s choice and preference.  

These alternations in ingredients also impact the price of Chipotle bowls. Therefore the simplest answer to the question How much is a Chipotle bowl remains “It depends on its composite ingredients”. 

With chicken in it, the bowl might cost around $6.50. But, if you add steaks to your bowl instead of chicken, the price shoots up to $7.50. Chipotle Bowl with barbacoa also costs $7.50 while Sofritas and Vegetarian bowls cost $6.50.  

Making Your Chipotle Bowl Healthier

If you are on a strict diet and worried about weight gain, do not remove this delectable treat from your menu. Instead, alter the portion of the ingredients and replace a few to make it match your calorie requirement. For a low-calorie Chipotle bowl, replace the rice base with protein-rich alternatives. Grilled chicken, succulent carnitas, savory steak, etc., can be some excellent alternatives to make your Chipotle bowl healthy, nutritious, and tasty at the same time. 

Chipotle bowls remain available in various combo options such as Keto bowls, Vegan bowls, Lifestyle Bowls and more. Check the variety of TexMexPrices to know more about the alternatives and order a bowl today to pamper your taste buds with this exceptional culinary treat. 

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