5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Crab Restaurant

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Crab is one of the most popular types of seafood, but it can take time to choose the right restaurant. There are many factors to consider, including quality, freshness, price, and atmosphere.

There are many ways to enjoy crab, from boiled and steamed to fried and served as hush puppies or lump crab cakes. But, no matter how you go about it, these factors are essential to choosing a restaurant that can satisfy your family and provide a memorable dining experience.


The quality of the crab meat should be considered when selecting the best crab restaurant, such as those found in Fisherman’s Wharf restaurants. There are various things to consider to ensure you get high-quality crab flesh, whether fresh or frozen.

First, check the grade of the meat. This is determined by size, where it came from, and whether or not it has been pasteurized.

The quality of the crab meat also depends on how it was prepared. It should be a high-quality, tender product if it is fresh. However, if it was frozen, then the quality of the meat might be less than that of fresh, but it should still be tasty.

Another thing to look for is the nutrient content of the crab meat. Ideally, you want to find a product packed with protein and other nutrients. It should also be low in fat and high in fiber.

If you are concerned about the sustainability of the seafood, then you can choose a restaurant committed to sourcing sustainable crab meat. This will ensure you get high-quality crab meat safe for the environment and your family.


When choosing a crab restaurant, one of the most important factors is how fresh the crab meat is. Compared to other types of seafood, crab meat can go bad quickly if fresh.

This is why choosing only fresh crab meat from a reliable source is so important. When selecting live crabs, look for suppliers that have clean tanks that are free from algae and aerators that maintain oxygen levels.

Crab meat should also have a fresh, salty smell and almost neutral taste. The shell color should be light pink, and the flesh should feel firm but textured.

In addition to the smell, you should also check for leg movement when buying live crabs. If you can see a crab’s legs kicking, it’s likely alive and ready to be served.

Another way to ensure freshness is to buy crabs in their whole form rather than pre-cut or cut them into pieces. This allows diners to pick their crabs and helps keep them engaged.


Price is one of the most important factors when choosing a crab restaurant. The price of crab meat is based on the quality of the meat, the species being used, and the demand for the product. The cost of catching, shipping, and processing crab is also factored into the seafood price, as are government regulations.

There are many different grades of crab meat available in grocery stores, with prices ranging from about $25 to $50 per pound. When shopping for crab meat, it’s important to know the difference between lump, jumbo, backfin, special, and claw-grade crab.

If you’re a fan of crab but are on a budget, try buying pre-picked meat instead. This saves you the hassle of shelling and cracking your crabs, which is an activity that can take a lot of time. It’s also much cheaper than buying whole crab, which costs about $35 to $50 a pound.


The atmosphere is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a crab restaurant. You want to be in a place where you can enjoy a delicious meal and feel comfortable. The restaurant should also have a great service staff to make your visit enjoyable. For example, you should choose a restaurant with an outdoor patio or a nice bar.


Crabs have a way of capturing the hearts and stomachs of seafood lovers everywhere. Some, even devoted fans, will travel across an entire state to get a good plate of steamed blue crab.

However, not all crabs are created equal. It’s important to choose crabs that are sanitary, high quality, and of the proper size. Buying crabs from the right source can produce good meat quality, toxic seafood, and a good eating experience.

If you’re looking for fresh crab, it’s important to choose those that are in season and aren’t shipped from foreign shores. You can find crabs in coastal markets and wharves that sell live crabs, but online vendors also offer excellent options.

Additionally, look for crabs that have no missing limbs and are a light color. This will indicate that they are healthy and ready to be eaten.

Finally, remember to measure the crabs from point to point on the shell for a more precise estimate of their size and meat content. The larger the crab, the more meat it will hold and the easier it will be to pick.

Lastly, remember to ask about the seafood’s origin and how it was caught. A knowledgeable server can answer any questions about where the seafood came from, helping you make an informed decision and ensure you are getting the best seafood possible.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a crab restaurant, but if you carefully evaluate each one, you can select the perfect place for your next meal. 


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