Why does Beef Jerky from Country Archer Taste the Best?

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Have you been thinking of treating yourself to Beef Jerky? Consider looking for Country Archer. If you were looking for the best grass-fed beef jerky in the region, rest assured there is none better than Country Archer. They have been providing to your specific needs with leaner and packed beef along with various beneficial stuff inclusive of vitamin A and antioxidants. Rest assured it has been deemed better for the planet and the cows. 

How important is the grass-finished aspect 

Rest assured the grass-fed aspect would be imperative, as the cows eat grass their entire life. You would get a 100% grass-fed beef jerky. You would get the real thing rather than some half-grassed edition. Country Archer would cater to you with 100% grass-fed and finished beef. They cater to you with the juiciest and tasty beef jerky you have tasted ever. 

The beef jerky ranges from sweet to spicy to smokey, based on your specific taste buds’ needs. They have all kinds of different flavors of grass-fed jerky for satisfying your taste buds. If you were unsure about choosing the one from a wide list of options, consider looking for a jerky sampler pack to try first. 

What makes Country Archer the best in the industry? 

The company adheres to the three main pillars of sustainability, authenticity, and real ingredients. 

  • Sustainability 

The company has been dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint. That is the major reason why they have been using 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised beef. They continuously find various ways to reduce their adverse effect on the environment. 

  • Authenticity 

Despite the company having grown in its early days, they have been looking for various ways to craft their jerky in the same way since it began. It has been the major reason they are dedicated to constantly making their jerky in-house. They also continue to hold the jerky to meet similar quality standards as they started. 

  • Real ingredients 

They offer simple and real ingredients that have been relatively easier to pronounce and comprehend. Therefore, the chances of you never coming across nitrites, nitrates, msg, or preservatives in their ingredients would be higher. 

The company caters to you with 100% grass-fed beef and natural turkey suitable to your taste buds’ needs. Slowly marinated and slow-cooked meat keeps it moist and delicious. 

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