What To Serve With Tacos? Best Taco Sides

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What To Serve With Tacos Best Taco Sides

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Tacos make for a fun and flavorful meal. But what should you serve alongside those tasty tacos to round out the dining experience? The right taco accompaniments can enhance flavors, provide contrasting textures, add nutrition, and give your meal more flair. Whether you’re planning Taco Tuesday at home or visiting favorites like Tacology Miami, explore these satisfying sides that pair perfectly with tacos.

Fresh Salsas And Guacamole

For fantastic fresh flavor, tacos go hand-in-hand with salsas and guacamole. Tomato-based salsas with spices like jalapeño, onion, and cilantro add zesty compliments to tacos. Fruit salsas featuring pineapple, mango, or peach also work nicely. Smooth, creamy guacamole provides cool richness. Serve an assortment of homemade or store-bought salsas and guac for guests to top their tacos to taste. Salsas and guac bring delicious vibrance.

Rice And Beans

What’s a taco feast without rice and beans? Arroz Rojo (red rice), cilantro lime rice, or Mexican rice is right at home with tacos. Refried, whole, or black beans cooked with onions and garlic make an easily prepared, protein-packed accompaniment. For variety, try lentils or smoked sausage baked beans too. Rice and beans are classic taco enhancements that stretch the meal affordably.

Queso Dip

Warm, melty queso dip is an indulgent but satisfying taco partner. Cheese dips blended with peppers, onions, chorizo, or other mix-ins offer bonus flavor. Serve queso with tortilla chips for scooping or include it as a creamy taco topping. For a lighter option, whip up pico de gallo or chili-spiced fruit dips. Queso adds a decadent cheese fix.

Salad Or Slaw

Crisp, fresh salads, and slaws give tacos a sidekick with crunch. Leafy greens, chopped veggie salads, or fruity combinations complement tacos nicely. For slaw options, try crunchy cabbage, radish, carrot, or jicama slaws tossed in vinaigrettes or creamy dressing. Salads and slaws bring out tacos’ textures.


For serious taco fans, nachos are a no-brainer mate. Tortilla chips topped with taco-seasoned meat, beans, cheese, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, guacamole, and salsa transform into a festive communal feast. With an array of self-serve toppings, the dish allows for personalized creativity as well. Nachos translate the vibrant, layered flavors of tacos into a shareable format ideal for socializing. The autonomy of building one’s own nachos combined with trademark taco flavors ensures everyone can indulge in their favorite components.

Mexican Street Corn

In Mexico, grilled corn on the cob dusted with grated cotija cheese, chili powder, and lime is a popular street food. Recreate this elote loco at home or order it at restaurants like Tacology Miami that offer Mexican corn as a unique, tasty taco side. The sweet corn with spicy coatings plays off tacos creatively.

Fruit Cups

Fresh fruit can make for a lively and nourishing addition to tacos. The bright flavors of pineapple, mango, watermelon, jicama, cucumber, and melon dressed in a zesty citrus or chili-lime sauce uplift the dish. For simple and handheld enjoyment, one could also skewer grapes, berries, and chopped fruits on sticks. The natural sugars and nutrients in fruit achieve a crisp balance when paired with tacos, enhancing both flavor and nutritional profile. Their bright colors and flavors bring extra life and refreshment to the meal.


Complete your taco feast on a pleasantly sweet note with cinnamon-sugar churros for a delightful dessert. The fried dough pastry sticks paired with chocolate dipping sauce fulfill any lingering cravings in a satisfying way. As an alternative option to warm the tastebuds, Mexican wedding cookies or flan can also be prepared, and then enjoyed after dinner. Baking these treats adds another layer of warmth and ambiance to the mealtime experience.

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