The Easiest And Quickest Cabbage Dishes To Make At Home

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Quickest Cabbage Dishes To Make At Home

Cooking can be quite time-consuming, we all know that perfectly. But what if you have no time or desire to spend a couple of hours at the stove frying, baking, and boiling?

Well, in this case, we know several super easy recipes that will save you time and provide a delicious meal! All of them are made of cabbage, a very light but thus nutritious veggie that allows us to experiment with ingredients and create new foods that we will love.

In addition, cabbage is very easy to keep and even preserve – of course, when knowing how to do it correctly.

So what can we do with this leafy vegetable to create delicious food from it?

  1. Stuffed cabbage leaves

Stuff them with meat, vegetables, or any other filling you prefer – these green veggie rolls are fast to make and delicious to taste.

  1. Cabbage soup

Very light and easy to digest dish that won’t take you much time at the stove. Just grab all the veggies you can find in the fridge and start creating!

  1. Boiled meal

For extremely lazy cooks! Simply boil the corned beef, some carrots, potatoes, and more vegs to pair them, and don’t forget about the cabbage! Easy, simple, and nutritious.

  1. Whole roasted cabbage

Have you ever tried to roast a whole head of cabbage? If not, we suggest you try it! It will be a perfect holiday substitute for a vegetarian meal!

  1. Morning hash browns

Why not make your daily breakfast more varied with this cabbage “pancake”? Besides, it goes perfectly well with fried eggs, bacon, and cheese!

  1. Cabbage gratin

This is a way healthier and lighter substitute for the potato counterpart of this dish, besides, when topped with cheese, it becomes truly irresistible.

  1. Cabbage burritos

Boiled cabbage leaves stuffed with an omelet, vegetables, and your favorite sauce – an extremely easy option for breakfast.

  1. Sauteed cabbage with sausages

First of all, sausages can be replaced with kielbasa or any other meat food like this. Second, this dish is super simple to make which places it at the top of our list of weekend meals.

salad - cabbage
Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash
  1. Salads

Yes, so simple! Cabbage can be added to the cold (like coleslaw) and warm salads equally well. Moreover, it pairs with any other veggies or ingredients perfectly which makes it a universal ingredient.

  1. Cabbage “boats”

Eat them raw or pre-cook the cabbage before filling it – it doesn’t matter. These snacks are healthy, fast to make, and they allow you to add any filling you like. Perfect!

Of course, these suggestions do not make a complete list of recipes that call for cabbage. This versatile veggie can be grilled, roasted, cooked in a soup or stir-fry – a number of options is almost endless. What remains unchangeable is that cabbage is healthy and light to our stomach, and that’s why we all love it!

Only make sure the veggie is properly washed before it will be cooked since cabbage leaves tend to collect dust quite a lot.

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