4 Ways to Impress Your Dinner Guests

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Whether you are having your in-laws over for dinner, a new neighbor or an important client, making a good impression is always important. Read the list below for four easy tips to make your next dinner party one to remember.

Homemade Bread

Nothing says comfort like homemade bread. You can take the time to make bread from scratch or you can save the time and buy fresh from a bakery. However, you can’t have homemade bread without fresh honey. Consider buying local honey farm Sussex County NJ to complete your meal. When you buy locally you are supporting a beekeeper in your community and their bee farm. Plus, nothing compliments warm homemade bread quite like honey and butter. 

Charcuterie Board

Stay on-trend and impress your guests with an elegant charcuterie board. Before deciding what to put on your charcuterie board, consider what you are serving for an appetizer, dinner and dessert. Once you have the meal planned, decide what foods would complement your meal. Whether you want a sweet and salty board or just a sweet array of foods, there are many ideas to help you get inspiration.


Another way to make your dinner table inviting is with a beautiful centerpiece. While you can save time and buy an expensive piece at a designer store, it’s also possible to save money and do a DIY project. Before rushing into a DIY project, consider your current home design and how the centerpiece will enhance your table. Be sure to think about how often you will use the centerpiece. Knowing the usage will help you determine a budget. 

Fresh Flowers

Adding fresh flowers to your entry table, kitchen or dining room table will help your guests feel welcomed. You don’t need a $100 bouquet to wow guests either. Try picking a dozen flowers from your local flower farm or farmer’s market. Making your own flower display isn’t too complicated. Plus, when designing a flower arrangement, you get to choose the colors and types of flowers to match your esthetic. 

As you can see, impressing your dinner guests isn’t as hard as it seems. With the tips above you can make your next dinner party a show-stopper. 

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