3 Tips for Creating a Backyard Grill on a Budget

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Are you hoping to join the roughly 70% of Americans with a smoker or grill? Even if you love outdoor grilling, you might be concerned about the cost of creating an outdoor kitchen. Fortunately, you can create a grilling sanctuary without breaking the bank. Read on to learn about 3 tips for creating outdoor grills fort collins co on a budget!

1. Build a DIY Brick Grill

With a handful of basic backyard grill parts, you can construct a DIY grill. This will save you hundreds of dollars, if not more, over options from the store. And when done right, you should gain a reliable grilling station!

You’ll want to use a concrete slab as the base for your grill to avoid fires in grassy areas. Then use a grill grate to determine how big the surrounding structure needs to be. Leave an opening at the base for access to fuel and for cleaning purposes.

Map out your grill structure and use mortar to adhere the bricks together as you lay them. Once the grill is inserted at the top, you’ll have a charming and rustic grill! You can even build several if you anticipate hosting lots of barbecues.

2. Introduce Landscaping for a Backyard Improvement

When one or two people are at the grill, you want everyone else to enjoy the backyard ambiance. When you’re building backyard kitchens and grills, don’t overlook the value of better landscaping.

Lining your patio with native plants or suspending some hanging baskets from a covered patio will add a burst of texture. Introduce pavers or stones to create organic walkways from the grilling station to your eating area.

Use some boxwood or arborvitae to create natural privacy barriers. And a fresh herb garden nearby means you can adorn your burgers with basil or add mint to grilled chicken.

Consider adding some English ivy plants or other flowering plants, too. They’ll fight off any lingering smoky smells!

3. Add Enough Seating

If you’re doing the outdoor grilling, you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor right there. That means you need to provide welcoming seating near your grilling area. Plus you don’t want the grill master to get lonely!

As you design your backyard grill area, ensure that you have workstations and a table and chairs. These outdoor kitchen builders can help you determine a good layout. You may want to incorporate benches or outdoor ottomans, too, for flexible seating options.

You can head to garage sales to score good deals on vintage metal or wicker sets. With a splash of spray paint, you can liven them up without spending a fortune. Likewise, you can weatherproof furniture with a spray varnish.

String some lights above the tables. Then add some festive plates from a secondhand shop for a burst of color!

Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

A backyard grill can turn your yard into a griller’s paradise. You don’t need to spend a lot to construct a grill using simple materials. And with the right layout and landscaping, you’ll end up with a significant backyard improvement.

For more tips to update your eating spaces, check back for new articles soon!

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