The best gifting chocolates for every occasion

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There are always festivals and occasions dotted around on our calendars. Some are more important than others, but joyous, nonetheless. We spend these special moments with friends and family and often exchange sweets and gifts as per the occasion. Gifting your dear ones has been a part of the Indian culture for generations. Moreover, Gifting is an essential part of festivals like Diwali, Eid and Christmas. 

Today there is a wide variety of gifting options available to us. Be it online or offline, the world is overflowing with gifting options. This can get overwhelming if you don’t know what to gift. This is where chocolate gifts come into the picture. Luxury chocolate boxes or premium chocolates are a fashionable and indulgent gifting option that never goes out of style. Their sweet and rich qualities make them the perfect gift for anniversaries and birthdays to festivals.

Gifting a box of luxury chocolates can make the receiver feel special and cherished. Fabelle Luxury Chocolates produces a grand selection of premium chocolate bars that offer melt-in-your-mouth creations that make for extraordinary chocolate experiences. Choose from the best Fabelle chocolates from this list and make your special moments splendid:

Fabelle Gianduja

Gianduja, an Italian delicacy which dates back to the Napoleon era is revisited in this modern retake. Fabelle Gianduja is a prime example of the finest chocolate creations made with Ghana chocolate and premium roasted Hazelnuts from Turkey. Fabelle Gianduja comes in three variants, Fabelle Milk Gianduja, made with milk chocolate, Fabelle Dark Milk Gianduja, made with dark chocolate and milk chocolate and lastly, Fabelle Ruby Gianduja, made with ruby chocolate.

Fabelle Ganache

Fabelle Ganache is a luxury box of velvety handcrafted chocolates. Made with the finest milk chocolate from Ivory Coast and the Ghana region along with fresh cream and butter, Fabelle Ganache is a resplendent chocolate box with a balance of aroma and flavour. 

Fabelle Rich Dark Ganache and Fabelle Dark Ganache are two other variants of this delectable chocolate collection made with dark chocolate.

Fabelle Dessert Collection

A delicious mix of chocolate and dessert, Fabelle Dessert Collection is a collection of luxury chocolate truffles inspired by desserts from all around the world such as Tiramisu, Crème Brulee, and Banoffee Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake and Lemon Meringue. 

Fabelle Continents Dessert Collection

Fabelle Continents Dessert Collection is a handcrafted collection of exquisite chocolate truffles inspired by desserts from 5 continents, namely, Cannoli from Italy, Ras Malai from India, Maracuja from Venezuela, Lamington from Australia, and Key Lime Pie from the U.S. Each chocolate truffle contains a chocolate shell that encapsulates the most delectable flavours that every chocolate lover will appreciate.

Fabelle The Bars Trilogy

Fabelle The Bars Trilogy is a chocolate gift box with three unique and decadent luxury chocolate bars, namely Fabelle Tiramisu, Fabelle Dark Choco Mousse, and Fabelle Hazelnut Mousse. Each of these bars contains a creamy outer shell made of the finest chocolate and contains inside a luscious chocolate mousse made from exotic ingredients. 

Fabelle The Bars Quartet

If three is too less and you are looking for a bigger chocolate gift, try the Fabelle The Bars Quartet. It is an extravagant collection of the most delectable chocolate bars like Fabelle Tiramisu and Fabelle Strawberry Cheesecake, inspired by popular desserts, along with Fabelle Fire and Fabelle Wood, inspired by nature. 

This is not all. Fabelle also creates several other luxury chocolate bars that make for stunning gifts like Fabelle Open Secret, Fabelle Loaded Secret, and Fabelle Rocky Road among others. 


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